Rope of Pride

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Rejoice! Cheer!

 A new king is here

 Just and fair

 No need to fear

 Slipping, falling

 Corruption’s calling

 Towards the darkness

 The king is crawling

 Cheating, lying

 The rope he’s tying

 Thirteen loops

 Our king is dying

Knotted, tied

 A rope of pride

 From a tree

The king has died

 Ding, dong

 The black bell’s song

 A haunting note

 For every wrong

Echo, remember

 The spark, the ember

 Turned to flame

 Our kingdom dismembered

 Watch, see

 He’d heard our plea

 He hadn’t cared

 So why should we?

 Turn, leave

 No one grieves

 The evil man

 Hung in the tree

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