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Yandere spider error x scared male reader
Narrator's pov
Living in fear a human trekked the endless tall grass always questioning how he ended up here. It was a struggle staying alive and finding food and something to drink. Anything would scare the human into a panic attack or just running.

Today the human had a gut feeling that his life would change for the worse.

And well he wasn't wrong.

Y/n's pov

Walking about I heard voices so I hid behind a grass blade as they spoke. There was a few different beings but the one that stood out to me was the spider. Some of its fur was blue while the other was black with its legs and looking like yellow spikes and there was blue stripes under their eyes.

As fear and the want to run began washing over me before one of them tilted their head in the direction of where I was. "I sense a large amount of fear over there." One of them said pointing to where I was and I booked it. As I was running I heard grass crunching under something.

Tripping over a branch I cursed under my breath while trying to crawl away before two yellow spikes stabbed themselves through my shirt but not stabbing anything vital.

"Well well well, I never expected to see a human here." Being stunned in fear as they laughed. "Tell me human what's your name?" Their deep voice rang out as I gulp before speaking. "Y-y/n." I stuttered.

They took their arms out of my shirt leaving holes and telling me to get up. "I can't kill a helpless human, get lost." "Th-thank you!" I stuttered before running away.

Unknown to the poor human this was all just a game the spider wanted to play.

When I got back to where I slept most nights it was already dark so I lied down I felt eyes boring into the back of my head but as I turned around I heard grass crunch under something making my tired body shoot up in fear.

"Oh how I love seeing you so scared of me~" shaking my head in every direction looking for the thing until I made eye contact with a white and yellow dot. Backing away I tried booking it only to get caught in something.

"Aw looks like you got caught in my web~" wait web?! Coming into view it was the same spider from earlier with a hungry but loving look in its eyes. Thoughts ran through my head as I said. "Wh-what do you want from me? Do you want to eat me?!"

"Oh y/n~ what I want is you~" He purred before leaning towards my shaking form. I closed my eyes awaiting my fate until I felt fur press against my lips as it's tongue slipped through making me gag. Once he broke the kiss he took me off the web before carrying my terrified body to somewhere as I passed out from fear.

Waking up I tried moving only to be push back hearing slight gibberish from my captor. Trying even harder to escape his hold he woke up. "Sorry dear you can't leave me~" He purred before licking my neck.

"Your all mine little prey~"

I hope you guys enjoyed this.
Lukielu out!
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