Chapter Twenty Nine

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The week that followed was agony for the both of them as they mourned the loss of their little girl. Life without Lily seemed like it had no purpose at all, each day passing by just as empty and unfulfilled as the next.

Stevie could not face having constant reminders of the baby lying around the house, and so Lindsey had gathered together all of Lily’s things and stored them away in the nursery, which Stevie had not been anywhere near since that night.

The days after it had happened, Karen had made some calls to their closest friends and family, who were all devastated to hear the news. Stevie’s parents had even offered to fly over and spend some time with her, but she politely declined, preferring instead to grieve on her own. The band had also been very understanding of the situation; they were all heartbroken to hear what had happened, they loved Lily as one of their own.

The more time that passed, the more worried Lindsey became about Stevie. She was distant and unfeeling, and they had not had a real conversation about it since it had happened. In an attempt to make things easier for her, he had asked Karen to call someone he knew she would like to see whether she admitted it or not.

When the doorbell rang, Stevie sighed and made her way to open it, knowing that Lindsey would not be the one to do it.

“There you are!” Christine exclaimed, wrapping Stevie in a tight embrace and closing the front door behind them.

“Chris! What are you doing here?” she asked, surprised by the visit.

“I came over to see if you’re okay…”

“I’m fine.”

“Well I don’t believe you,” Christine said matter-of-factly, taking Stevie’s hand and leading them both into the living room.

They sat down on the couch together and Christine eyed Stevie expectantly, waiting in silence until she felt comfortable enough to talk to her. It did not take long before the tears began to swell in Stevie’s eyes and she slowly opened up to her.

“It all happened so quickly, Chris!” she squeaked sadly. “One minute she’s fast-asleep in her basket and the next…”

Christine reached out and took Stevie’s hands in her own, imploring her to let it all out.

“I was so scared. I couldn’t believe it was all happening…” Stevie continued, staring off into space as she recounted the events. “We were so happy, Chris, just the three of us…”

“Wait, what? The three of you?”

Stevie’s eyes grew wide and she realised she had just slipped up massively: they still did not know that Lindsey was back. The two of them had been so involved with everything to do with Lily over the past few weeks that they had not found the time to announce it to the band.

Slowly lifting her eyes to meet Christine’s, Stevie knew she could not hide it any longer.

“He’s back, isn’t he?”

Stevie did not even have to say a word and Christine already knew; all she did was nod her head and let the corner of her lips turn up into a smile.

“He turned up the day of Lily’s party.”

“I knew it! I knew your head was somewhere else that day!” Christine said smugly. “And so, you’re saying he’s been here ever since?”

“He has, and he’s been so wonderful Chris…” Stevie smiled, looking down at her hands bashfully. “I can’t even explain it, it’s like – it’s like he’s a different person all-together!”

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