Suzume's POV

   Luckily, I made it to the Village before the sun came up. I almost made it into the house unnoticed, until I heard a familiar raspy voice coming from above me.

   "Sneak off again without telling me, and I'll kill you."

   It was Gaara. He knew I was gone the whole time.

   "I was just training! Something you don't have to do!" I replied, crossing my arms. It's true. Gaara rarely needs to train, because of his 1 tailed demon, Shukaku, giving him the ability to wield sand. Unfortunately, I wasn't born with the same power. I'm just your average Kunoichi- I only know a few jutsu, and I'm pretty fast, but that's about it. Gaara was born first, so he is the host of Shukaku. I turned and headed towards the door.

   He sighed, then jumped off from his spot on the roof without me noticing. "Suzume." he said.

   I whipped around. Gaara was standing there with a serious look on his face. He doesn't have a very wide range of emotion, but I seem to detect all of them. "You do not want to be me. I am nothing but a monster. Be satisfied with who you are. Weak or not, you are my sister. Nothing will change that."

   At that, he slowly walked past me, and proceeded into the house. "Come on," He stated in a monotone. "Temari and Kankuro are probably waking up." He motioned to somewhere behind me. I pivoted, and the sun began to creep up the horizon. I stared at my feet, lost in my thoughts. My thoughts about Gaara, and what he just told me. I know that his demon has made him unintentionally kill people, but nobody sees him for the person he is, only Shukaku, the spirit inside him.

   I heard the door close, and I snapped back to reality. I entered the house to find everyone around the table eating breakfast. Gaara ignored me, unfazed, but Temari and Kankuro just stared at me. It was starting to creep me out. I glanced over at Gaara, and without any words, he knew what I was thinking.

   "She was training'" he stated simply.

   Kankura and Temari both sighed, the got up to put the dishes away.

   "We are going to Konoha," Temari said. "We're participating in the Chunin Exams. So you better get ready quick. If we are going to make it in time, we should be leaving soon."

   The chunin exams, huh? Interesting. I wonder what will happen. They only accept squads of 3, and we have 4. Maybe I should just drop out...

   "None of us are staying here. We are all going to go." Kankuro answered my unspoken question.

   Fine. I'll go. I took an apple out of the fruit bowl and proceeded to my room to pack my bag.

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