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Both omegas know that it's utter bullshit.

Niall then sighed then looked down at a sleeping Louis who looked vulnerable and Louis never was the kind to be vulnerable... well at least he never showed that side to anyone until now.

Louis was the kind of omega who didn't show a lot of emotions, not that he was emotionless but he just didn't like telling people what was wrong because he knows that he would get over it eventually.

He also believes that if he started telling people how he feels then they will look at him differently... they will see him as weak just like what an omega supposed to be and he doesn't want that at all.

Seeing his best friend upset like that to the extent where his precious tears are involved, Niall made it his mission to talk to his alphas and try to get an answer for this problem since even Niall wanted to leave his dorms for his sake and Louis'.

The next day when Louis woke up, Niall had made for the two of them a proper breakfast just to make his best friend happy which Louis got emotional about it and hugged Niall while the Irish lad just laughed in return.

Niall then he made the pregnant omega sit down on the chair and eat so that he could tell him the good news. Louis perked up at that because he does love some good news especially since there hasn't been any good news at all this week.

This week is cursed in Louis' opinion.

The Irish lad took a deep breath with a huge smile on his face and said, "I'm pregnant!" and Louis gasped in surprise as he got up to hug Niall but then he made him sit back down because they needed to eat so that they could go to their lectures since it's the last day of week.

Both omegas were really looking forward to this weekend so badly and they want it to finish as fast as possible.

Louis continued eating but looked at him as he said, "You didn't show me the mating mark that your alphas gave you," and wiggled his eyebrows then giggled cutely with the crinkles showing in the corners of his eyes for the first time this week.

Niall took one more bite from his food then stood up and took off his shirt which showed off both of his mating bite marks. One was in his neck and the other one was on his back.

Louis gasped when he saw the bite marks and said, "Two at a time or one by one?"

Niall sighed dramatically and said, "Well, dear Louis, I got double penetrated and -"

Louis whined and said, "Ugh, you know I didn't mean that," but giggled nevertheless.

Niall started laughing uncontrollably that he couldn't even put his shirt on because he had to take a moment until his laughter ended. Louis glared at him to stop laughing because honestly it wasn't that funny but Niall finds everything hysterical especially if it came from Louis.

He stopped laughing when he saw Louis' glare and calmed himself down then said, "Okay, okay, I'm sorry, they both bit me at the same time because they thought it would be much better all at once then one by one, you know?" then wore his shirt and sat down on the chair to finish his breakfast.

Louis then looked at him fondly as he said, "My best friend finally popped his cherry!" and hugged him tight while Niall was struggling to continue eating his food.

Niall said as he rolled his eyes with a groan, "Stop talking and finish eating or else you will be late to your lectures, young man," then pecked his cheek.

Even though Louis pulled away but he still had that same fond smile as he ate breakfast while Niall smiled to himself while he ate.


After he was done with his lectures, Louis was now finally able to see his alpha as he was packing a small tiny bag (just like himself) with a different initials written on them which is 'L.S' since now he's Louis Styles, after all.

Niall got into his open room seeing him pack and said, "I'm done packing, you ready?" then looked at him.

Louis nodded with a small smile on his face as he closed his bag then said; "I'm more ready than I have ever been," then they took their bags and locked their dorm room after they got out of it.

Even though Louis knows that he doesn't need his bag but he just wanted to bring it acting as if he needed these clothes but he just wanted to keep a few of Harry's clothes in there before he leaves him... again.

Niall just wanted to bring a bag with him because he was thinking of buying new clothes and where would he keep the new clothes if he didn't have a bag, right?

Harry was talking to Zayn and Liam as he leaned into his black Range Rover with his curls all over the place as usual but the sunglasses helped keep his hair out of his face for now.

Zayn said with a growl, "We need to get them out of this place as soon as possible. We are getting married soon and this is not the right time for us to be away from our omega."

Liam sighed as he looked over at Zayn and Harry as he said, "We really need to find a way to get them to agree. Why wouldn't they let us take our omegas home? It sounds normal and fair to me."

Harry rolled his head back with his eyes shut tightly just wanting to figure out a way to get his omega back and then said quietly, "We need a plan first, I'm the company's lawyer but I will file a report on them if they don't let me have my omega back," and looked over at them as he saw them both nodding in agreement.

Then that familiar scent hit his nostrils and he knew exactly who that perfect smell belongs to as he turned his head straight to see both omegas making their way over to them but his omega is the only one he focuses on.

The alpha looks at his frame up and down slowly watching how those jeans compliments his curves perfectly but he doesn't want him to wear tight clothes since he's pregnant; the babies tend to grow quickly if there's more than one so he's worried about him and his pups.

When he noticed that he was holding a bag, he immediately made his way over to him and took the bag from him as he whispered, "I will take that, go to the car, yeah?" while his heart was beating out of his chest by just towering over his small frame.

The omega nodded in obedience with a slight pink blush on his perfect cheekbones then made his way to Harry's car and got inside. He didn't have to say goodbye to Niall because they were going to follow their car and visit them anyway.

Harry went to the car to keep Louis' bag in the backseat then went over to the car and got in. He looked over at Louis and said softly, "I've missed you... so much," and let out a breath at how amazed he is from Louis' beauty.

Louis took Harry's hand then kept it on his tiny baby bump and said with so much love filled his soft voice, "We've missed you too, my love."

Zayn growled when he saw Niall and immediately wrapped him up in his arms letting his bag fall to the floor while Liam picked it up so that he could keep it in the back seat of their car.

The raven haired alpha carried his omega into the car while attacking him with a bunch of kisses everywhere while breathing in his scent and said, "Your scent either became much stronger or I'm just hallucinating from how much I have missed you."

Niall blushed because he didn't tell them about the pregnancy and was hoping to tell them when the time comes so he figures that maybe they will figure it out by his now strong scent. He said fondly, "You're just being nice," and leaned down kissing him softly.

Meanwhile, Liam watched them fondly because he really does love those two so much and he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with them.

He went over to Niall and kissed his cheek as he whispered, "Come on, let's get you home... well, their home first," as he pointed at the black Range Rover seeing as the couple were busy snogging each other's faces off.

Niall nodded with a cute smile then when they were done snuggling, they got into their car and followed them until they reached their home.

And they think that maybe things will be okay after all.

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