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"Hello and welcome back to another episode of keeping it a milli with millz!! Today's guest is a special one because I look up to this person and have loved them for a very long time so when I was granted the opportunity of having her on my podcast, I went full blown fan girl. But enough of me rambling welcome Madison Beer to the podcast!" I cheered.

"Hello everyone!!"

"So Madison, I would love to first off go over how we met because I feel like I made a shit show of myself by how much I was nervous when meeting you."

"Oh do tell. I think it was cute how you reacted, though. Y'all she treated me like I was Ariana Grande or something." Madison laughed.

"I met Madison like last year, when I first ever came to la which was in like November, I wanna say. Either way, it was this little event that me and a few other tiktokers were invited to, and we walk in and I see so many influencers that I looked up to and loved. So naturally, I'm already freaking out, I'm seeing people like big stars or whatever. And then all of a sudden, Madison walks right up to me and the people that I was with and she just starts greeting herself, in the chillest way possible but here I am having a full blown melt down because in my head I'm like, 'there's just no way Madison Beer is talking to me'."

"Her face turned so red and she looked at me with eyes of admiration and I completely fell in love with you because when I meet people who are like fans of me, they're like 'Oh your Madison, can I get a pic' and that's about it. Some of them rarely ever want to have a conversation and show interest. A lot of them just like to flex who they met. But when I met you, you made me feel really nice inside. Telling me how much I've been a help to you, when all my supporters and fans are what keep me motivated. It was kind of like a full circle moment." Madison explained to me.

"I completely agree with that. It's a few months later, almost a year and when I see how many people are saying that I'm their support system or I'm the reason that they're still here I literally have crying sessions in my room because it means a lot to me when I can help someone get over something that they've been living with or if im able to be a distraction from whatever they've got going on."


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"Okay so I hope you enjoyed that nice little commercial break, but we're getting into the nitty gritty with Ms. Madison Beer." I start.

"So Madison, you first got your start on social media back in 2012 where you would post covers of you singing. Justin Bieber actually reposted one of your videos to Twitter and that's where you officially blew up. What was your initial thought back then when that happened? How did you react? I wanna know everything."

"Oh my god, that was absolutely insane. So back in 2012 I posted a cover of me singing Etta James' At last. That video was doing numbers when it first came out, and I didn't really think anything of it because in my mind I'm like okay, if anything this is just the start you know?" Madison begins.

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