Last letter

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It has been 5 months now since I have sent you the last message

It has been 2 years and 9 months since we last talked

You don't always pop in my head you know 

I was just listening to this song and I remembered to you I wish I didn't think of you every time I listen to it.

In the middle says "let me go". I don't think it's you anymore I think it's me.

Maybe I just have to. I've tried but I have to accept it. 

For good

If someone ever asked me if I have ever been in love I'd say yes because I think loving you was the closest thing to being in love.

It wouldn't have hurt that much if I didn't, you know.

I will never love you the way I did but I will always.

I thought we could come back from what happened. We'd talk about it and I tell you that now I understand you more than ever before and we can tolerate each other more understanding the difficulties we have in our lives but I think that would require you being there for this conversation

Do I blame you yes I do but I think it's too late for that

I was asking one of our friends that actually had an idea of what happened and they told me it's not worth it.

That talking to you is not worth it. they told me I deserve more than I think.

I've been inside of my head and lots these days...I

I guess I'll try to set you free as much as I can... from my own head lmao

Wish you the best 

With no more hopes of a future for us and with a lot of hope for me coming back from this.


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