Chapter 26

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Buddar tightened her grip on Link, one of her hands slowly went to the sword on her belt. But she stopped when one of the Zoras sighed in relief. "Oh, Link! Thank goodness!" He said, lowering his spear. "We thought that some of ShadowLink's monsters were going to attack us."

Buddar's eyes widened, she glanced around quickly, but there was no sign of Shadow or Navy. "Where are Shadow and Navy?" She asked the Zoras, her voice rising. "What have you done with them?!"

"They are currently in the dungeon," One of the Zoras told her. "So that they will be unable to harm us, or our home."

Buddar and Link exchanged worried glances, then quickly climbed out of the water. "You need to let them go!" Buddar pleaded. "Shadow's hurt, and he's getting worse with each passing day!"

The first Zora stared down at her, his eyes narrowed. "He is a threat to our people," He said. "We cannot allow him to roam free in our realm."

"Then can you at least take us to them?" Link asked, walking up to stand beside Buddar.

The Zora glanced between from Link to Buddar, then sighed in defeat. "This way." He said, turning and walking towards a hallway at the other end of the cavern.

Buddar wrung her hands worriedly as they followed the Zora into the hallway. What if we have to leave Shadow here while we gather the ingredients? She wondered. What if they never let Shadow go?

She jumped slightly when she felt someone's hand on her shoulder, she turned her head to see Link smiling at her reassuringly. "I know you're worried about him," He said. "But he'll be fine. It's pretty dark in the Zora dungeon, so it may help him feel a bit better."

Buddar looked down. "I hope you're right," She said. "I just...."

She sighed as she closed her eyes and ran her fingers through her fiery bangs, unable to put her feelings into words. "You don't want him to feel alone anymore." Link said. "You care about him, a lot. And you feel the need to take care of him."

Buddar's eyes snapped open, she stared at Link with wide brown eyes. "How did you know?" She asked.

Link smiled. "You've forgotten how observant I am." He said. "All I need to do is watch how you act around him."

Buddar laughed slightly and shook her head. "You never cease to amaze me, Link." She said, smiling.

Link's cheeks turned slightly pink, but Buddar didn't notice. I just wish you could look at me the same way you look at Shadow. He thought as they walked.

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