Mistery part 2

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"So what do we do now?"I ask."I have something in mind"Matt says with a smirk."you gotta swim suit?"He asks."yeah at my house"I say."is anyone home?"Matt asks."uh I don't think so,Mom has a meeting and dad has work so nah"I say."lets go get it then"Matt says."okay,lucky I got my keys."I say.We get set to go get my swim suit.A few minutes in the car we finally get outside my house."Are you coming in?"I ask."sure"Matt says.I unlock the door to go inside,as soon as we walk in I motion him upstairs."nice house Ya got"Matt says."thanks"I say.I go to my walk in wardrobe which is quite big."where are they"I ask myself."want me to help?"Matt asks."sure,looking for a bikini not sure where my mom put them"I say while pulling out shorts and a Hollister tank top."are these what your looking for?"Matt asks pulling out a plain black bikini with GH (Gilly Hicks) stitched on the side in white."yup that's the ones"I say confidently.I walk up to him and take the swim suit."thanks"I say.I turn around to go to the bathroom to get dressed and Matt smacks my ass.i turn around to slap him but he catches my hand and kisses me."get ready babe"Matt winks.I giggle and blush a little.I go into the bathroom,slip off my clothes and put on my bikini,shorts and tank top.I walk out with my vans on too."Looking good babe"Matt flirts again.We go out to the car and 19 minutes later we get to the relaxing beach.Matt steps out the car and opens the door for me,Ooh.Bad boy has manners.We go down to the beach and legit no one is here."woah pretty empty,huh?"I say."thats because it's a private beach that my whole family owns together."Matt explains."oh"I say.I lay down my towel and so does he."wanna hit the ocean"Matt asks."sure"I say.We both run down and splash into the soothing waves.I'm the first to hit the water and then Matt follows behind me,I stop for a second,I could then feel strong arms around my waist."matt!"I scream."boo!"He whispers in your ear as he splashes me With the cool water."I'll get you back!"I say playfully.The waves hit me and I fall under,good job I was wearing waterproof make up."you look hot"Matt compliments me."thanks,you do too"I wink at him which makes him laugh.He then swims up to me and I splash him."Gottcha"I scream while swimming away.He swims after me and as soon as I stop he grabs me and says "who's got Ya now". I squirm to let go but he's too strong."that hickey is looking good on ya"Matt teases."yeah whatever"I say jokingly.I then turn around facing Matt and he holds my waist."what you looking at Espinosa"You say."i don't know.."he says looking away from his starring point.It was obvious he was looking at my boobs."Wanna go get ready for a party tonight?"Matt asks me."do you really think I should go?"I ask."yeah,the Jacks have a huge party house and they want you to come"Matt says."sure,But why didn't they ask me themselves?"I ask."oh they were gonna do it today but I've asked you now"Matt says.We get out,dry off and go to the car.Matt then drops me off outside my house."See Ya later babe"Matt then says after kissing my cheek.I get out and go inside..Since I have a pool of my own Ill just go in there so Mom won't suspect anything.I get my clothes,put them upstairs then make a ice shake to drink since its boiling.I get in the heated pool and think about my life for a little while.How much my life has changed since moving here and the people I've met too.I'm so glad I moved here because my life seems a lot better than in LA.They say you've changed like it's a bad thing but honestly change is good.I've had loads of experiences since I've moved here.A few minutes later Mom came in."hey y/n!"She greets me."hi mom,listen I'm going to a party tonight is that okay?"I ask."sure"Mom says.My mom has always been laid back with me,it's good but when it comes to work then she's more strict.

Hi guys!I never thought I'd hit over 5K!thank you so much!I want to update more so tonight I'll be working on a separate chapter for the party itself since I want it to be big.Any suggestions like always message me or comment!thanks for the comments too ❤️

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