The World Is Such A Crazy Place.

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Okay. I just posted my last chapter like, 24 hours ago.....and it's over a 140 reads. What the heck? haha. But seriously. That's amazing. I never would thought this story would get that kind of attention. Anywaaaayyyss. ONWARD.



Harry, Day After Christmas

We were all gathered around the Christmas tree, kind of. Liam was sitting on the couch, and everyone had their presents around them. Presents were opened one at a time, by one person at a time, going in a circle. Niall, Ella, Myself, and Juliet still had one more, where as everyone else was done.

Ella and Niall opened theirs at the same time, revealing they had gotten the same charm for each other, just with different letters. Juliet took a picture of them with big smiles of mild embarrassment.

As I opened mine, I found a necklace. A four leaf clover, with a 'J'. "I can see you two went shopping together." I said to Juliet, laughing.

"Just for a little bit." she said, smiling shyly.

I kissed her temple. "Thank you, love." I put it on, and it hung just past my collarbone. Perfect. "And now, it's time for you to open yours."

She grabbed the small box before her, and unwrapped it. She opened it and her eyes brightened, opening as wide as the ocean stretches. "Harry.... it's...beautiful It's stunning. It'"

"A beautiful necklace for the most beautiful girl, in my life."

Juliet, January, 1 Month Later

"Dani, I'm serious. He's fine. You need to stop calling every five minutes."

"I know, I know. I'm just worried. I can't believe I still had to go back on tour."

"That was just cruel. But we're all here taking good care of him and he's healing up nicely."

"Okay.... Well I gotta go. Bye Jewels."

"Bye, Dani."

I hung up the phone and slipped into my back pocket. Danielle had been calling nonstop since she had to go back to work about 2 weeks ago. Liams' shin had been cleanly broke in only one place, but he had a nasty concussion and some deep cuts from glass. The cuts were healing nicely, maybe leave some light scars. The concussion has cleared, after some major rest. The leg, however, will take a while to heal and a lot of physical therapy once it's strong enough.

The poor guy had been on the couch since he got home, only getting up with help from the boys to go to the bathroom, and upstairs to change. El, Ella and Perrie had left also, shortly after Dani, so the boys really had to pitch in. The ride home back to London was hard, but he had more room since the girls had left from Holmes Chapel. Harry, myself, Lou, Niall and the kids all packed up in one SUV, then Zayn drove Liam and all the luggage back in the other.

"Juliet?" a voice called.

I walked into the living room. "Yeah, Liam?"

"Can you make me a  sandwich?"

" have no idea how cliché that sounds right now, but. Sure."

"Thank you!"

I smiled and walked back into the kitchen, making him his favorite sandwich. It was only about noon, and the boys, except Mr. Cripple, were out running errands. As I finished Liams' sandwich, I decided to make my own. After I was done, I took out our sandwiches and drinks to the living room. I set them on the coffee table, and propped Liam upright. I set his leg gently on a  styrofoam leg mold to keep his leg somewhat up. I heard a small grunt of pain as I brought the leg up.

"Sorry, Liam. It's gonna hurt when people do this for a while."

"Yeah, I know."

"How's it feeling anyways?" I asked, sitting down and handing him his food.

"It's hurts." he laughed. "Not as much as when I was in the hospital. It's slowly getting less and less painful everyday, as long as it's immobile."

"Well. We'll keep the pain drugs going, and go to your check up in a few weeks."

He nodded, and we turned on the TV to one of our favorite comedies to watch together. No one really got why Liam and I loved "The Big Bang Theory" so much, but.... we didn't understand why they didn't. Fair trade, I think.

After about an hour, I heard little footsteps come downstairs. Kids must be waking up.

"Mommy." a small voice said. I looked down to my left and saw Darcy and Jr. looking up at me. I put Jr. between Liam and I and Darcy on the other side. After only a few minutes, they were back asleep. And the others were walking in the doors. Each boy carried many bags, probably trying to make just one trip. The kids woke up again, knowing the fun uncle/godparents were back. They seemed to have that uncanny ability. I got up and wlaked into the kitchen to help put stuff away, since the twins and had followed me and Lous picked up Jr. and Zayn picked up Darcy.

An arm wrapped around my waist and I looked to see Harry. He wore the necklace I had gotten him, and I wore the one from him. We always did.

"How was your day?" He asked, before kissing me on the lips.

"Good. Liam and I watched some Big Bang Theory, I got some laundry done."

"Y'know", said Niall, "I don't understand why you two watch that so much."

"Because it's hilarious."

"And idiotic."

" are we related agian?"

"You're adopted."

"Everything makes sense now." I said smiling.

He stuck his tongue out at me, then went back to putting things  away.

"Wanna take a walk?" Harry asked quietly.

I smiled. "Sure."

He took my hand in his, and we walked out the front door. There was a garden not too far from the house. The house we all live in here in London is like the royal castle in The Princess Diaries. There's a huge garden you can walk around in behind the house. 

"Been taking care of the house, yeah?"

"And Liam. Poor guy can't get up without help."

"Hey, you know he's grateful. When Niall, Lou, Zayn and I were with him at the hospital, he felt so bad because the kids were in there with us."

"But they weren't hurt. And I've told him that a million times."

"It's Liam. What do you expect?"

"True. How's recording coming along?"

"Good. Our next album should be out soon."

"What's it called, and should I be downloading it when it comes out?"

" 'Take Me Home', and...why wouldn't you?"

"Because I live with you guys and hear it anyways."

"True." he smiled. "How have you been feeling? Since the, uh.."

"Harry, I'm fine. It's been...many months. Just, relax."

"Okay, okay. I guess you're more moved on from it than I am." he slightly laughed.

We walked for a little bit, and came to the fountain in the middle of the garden. We sat for a little while and just talked. As it got darker, we headed back inside. Harry went to the couch and hung out with the boys for a bit. I went upstairs, put the kids to bed. Sarah was over at a freinds' house. I decided to take an early bed night. I washed my face and changed into my pajamas. 

As I went into the inbetween state of half asleepness, and half awakeness, I felt someone climb into bed with me. The small light from outside identified the face and hair as my wonderful boyfriend, with his wonderful curls and the four leaf clover necklace.

Sometimes, It's hard to believe this is my life. But I can't picture it any other way.

The world is a crazy place.

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