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It was finally the year 2018. Harry was 24 and as young as ever. Niall, Liam, and Zayn rwere all 25 and Niall and Zayn were maturing. Louis was 26, and still that little five year old at times. Katy matured into a great woman, even though she was only 19. All of the boys, their wives, and their kids came to Katy's house. Yes, Katy's house. Katy and her housemates were hosting the New Year's Eve get together. The boys and her all live separately because everyone except Katy and her housemates were married.

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Wow... everyone was at my house watching the ball drop. I was kind of in a surreal state of mind. You know when you just space off, and random things pop into you head? Yeah, that was happening to me. I first thought of how my life had changed. One day I was in my house... with my horrible father; the next I was in the orphanage. With Grace making me feel like I was less than a piece of dirt. The next thing was when the boys came, and made me wind up in the hospital. My last thing that I remembered was the day that the boys surprised me by showing up backstage at one of my shows. I hadn't seen them for months, and I missed them to pieces. There was an amazing moment when they came onstage and everyone in the audience screamed, the crowd became hysterical. When I ran and hugged the boys, I felt like I was on top of the world.

I was soon brought back into the real world and I looked around. Everyone around me had smiles on their faces, and watching the TV in concentration. All of the sudden, all of the husbands and wives kissed each other, and there were hushed "Woohoos!" All around the living room. Right now all of the kids were asleep, and we wanted it to stay that way. After a minute, the partying kind of died down, but the wine and beer was still passed around.

I bet you all are wondering what happened to everyone. Who they married, what had happened to One Direction, well, let me start you out with Louis and El.

Louis ended up marrying the love of his life Eleanor; four years ago. They had one child named Gabriel, his nickname Gabe. He is now two years old. He has the eyes of his father, and much to our expectations, he gained his craziness. El and Louis told us a few months ago was that they were expecting twins sometime around June. They didn't want to know the genders yet though.

Niall did end up finding his princess. Carly is her name. They started dating in 2013 and Niall proposed to her on their vacation in Hawaii in 2017. They got married in Niall's hometown, inside a Nandos. It wasn't that bad actually. The ceremony and after party was fun! Carly and Niall are almost like the perfect couple. They don't get into many fights at all.

Of course Liam married Dani. They got married right where they met. What made it really special was that it was on their three year anniversary. Literally every seat in the XFactor studio was taken. And the best part was everyone were crying tears of joy. After a year, Dani got pregnant and had triplets; two boys and one girl. The boys' names are Kyle and Dylan, the girl's is Grace. They are now about four months old. Kyle is the loudest, and has the hair color of Liam. Dylan is really quiet, and looks almost like an exact replica of Dani. Grace is not a loud baby, nor a quiet one. Grace has a very cute face, the same nose and lips as her mom, but same hair color as Liam.

Zayn had married a girl named Natalie just two years ago. They tied the knot in a small backyard wedding. It was truly beautiful. Together, they were expecting a little girl sometime in October. They have talked about baby names, but are really fond on the one I told them: Holly.

Harry was dating a girl named Madison. They had been together for just about two years. Right after their New Year's kiss, this year, he popped the question while everyone in our family watched. Madison of course had accepted.

Now what about me? Well, I Katy Horan became the Princess of Pop. Right after my 16th birthday I talked to Niall about letting me take Simon up on his offer about signing me to his record label. Niall thought that it would be a great experience, and after two years, I have made three albums, and every song that has been on the radio has made it to the top ten. The boys and their families are right behind my back, guiding me through the musical life with their own past experience. I live on my own now, but with my two best friends Emily and Abby. And yes, they are the two girls who saved me from Christian. We stayed in contact with one another even when I got into fame. Thats what I love about them though. They stayed with me. None of us have boyfriends but hey, no boyfriend, no problem right?  

Emily, Abby, and I all live in a two story house with nine acres of land, a pool, and three horses. Narnia is mine. He is an Arabian that has a sleek white coat. Emily's horse is named Natalia; she is a Thoroughbred with a brown coat. Abby's horse's name is Oreo, and she is an Appaloosa, black coat, with white/ creamish colored dots around her.

The Boys, Abby, Emily, and I all live in London. But Abby, Emily, and I all live in the countryside while the boys live in the city. The boys live in very private houses and are very hard to find. It really helps keep away the Paps. I believe everyone is happy and content with the way our lives turned out. Of course One Direction is still the top boy band. Besides, they just got back from an eight month world tour. Abby and Emily always come on my tours. It's nice to have someone very close to me on the lengthy tours. The girls once had to step in for the opening act that was sick. They ended up trying to tell corny jokes and do gymnastics on the stage. Let's just say that they couldn't move for three days, and they totally failed. But at least it entertained the crowd!

And of course I told the boys, Dani and El about what happened with me and the man I refuse to call my father. Even though it was hard, I was able to tell them about how the man who I had to call my father had killed both my older Brother and Mother by drowning them. And of course I told them about how my older brother was like each of the boys; how my brother had a trait that matched one of theirs'.

If you are wondering about Christian, well the short story is: While the boys were on tour, I came with them. I was 14, and waiting backstage. Somehow Christian got past the bodyguards, and into the room. He almost raped me again, but the boys came in for a dress change, and saw him. Harry was the first to take action and he ripped Christian off of me... and began beating him senseless. Liam, Zayn and Niall came over to see if I was ok. I grew up a bit in the past years, and knew I was ok, thanks to the boys. Louis was trying to get Harry to get off of Christian; but he was completely failing. I told Harry to get off of Christian and he did...after a few more punches. I got up off of the ground where I was, and walked over to the half alive Christian. I smacked him across the face where a bruise was forming because of Harry. Paul had heard the commotion and as he came in, he saw me smack Christian. Paul told me "That's my girl!" And patted my back. I was fine with Paul because he became my like 6th father. He took Christian and called the authorities. It turns out that Christian's name was really Alec Figaro, and he was wanted for many cases involving rape, murder, and theft. So... in the end the jackass was locked up, and everyone was safe and sound.

Sometimes when I'm all alone, I just sit and think to myself. "What would have happened to me if One Directions' Niall Horan didn't adopt me?"

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