Dark Premonition

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Leoni's POV
We had done it. We had said our vows in front of all of our guests, we had driven the small blades across our palms and mixed our blood together, I had sworn my eternal allegiance to the Midnight Moon Pack and Logan whilst he had sworn his undying allegiance to me as his Luna... he had swept me up in the most passionate of embraces, crashing his lips to mine. I had forgotten that the eyes of the entire pack were on us until Logan's new Gamma Damian let out a huge "Whoop!"

We broke apart laughing and I was sure that my face had gone completely crimson both with the kiss and embarrassment. But I was so so happy. The feelings of exhilaration and admiration flew across our bond. I stared up into Logan's warm bronze eyes and knew he would love me forever and beyond.

As the evening progressed there was so much joy within the pack. By 10pm I was standing by the dance floor with Logan's arm around me and Felicity beside us laughing at Sophia and Carly's truly terrible tipsy dancing. I wished I had my phone to record it, it was such amazing blackmail material to threaten to show their future mates!

Just then I stiffened slightly as Storm and I became aware of a dark aura that had entered the room. Or was there more than one? Champagne was messing with my senses and making me feel unbalanced even within my own head.

'Logan. Who just entered the room? I can't see...'
I mindlinked my mate urgently. I could sense the aura getting closer and it was bubbling with jealousy and spite... it reminded me of Caitlyn for a moment... but she was very much still locked up and anyway, I knew her aura. This was new...

Logan read my body language and stood taller behind me holding my shoulders possessively. 'I don't see anyone out of place my love... what is it?'

'Someone who just moments ago walked in means us harm...' I linked him.

I could tell my mate was scanning the area near to the doors of the dining hall. 'The only person who just arrived but wasn't at the Ceremony is Maxine, my PA... I had her working on a deal that needed to close today... She is walking this way...'

At his words I could feel the menacing aura approach before I saw her. She appeared out of the crowd, utterly nondescript in a beige knee length dress with mouse coloured hair and a petulant expression on her face. I stared at her and as if she sensed my eyes on her she slowly swivelled her head to stare coldly back at me. She noticed Logan in that moment and all of a sudden a sugary little smile appeared on her face. But all the while her aura fizzled with repressed anger and hatred. I felt it keenly for it was directed at Me.

'Logan she needs to Leave. Now.' I linked my mate and he reacted instantly. He knew I wouldn't react this way unless it was serious and he knew better than to question my instincts.

I watched as my mate snapped into full Alpha mode and crossed the dance floor to Maxine, quietly grabbed her by the elbow at which point he was joined by Austin. I watched with relief as she was swiftly removed from the hall.

'Leoni, there is someone else.' Storm suddenly informed me.

I looked pointedly around the room while Felicity chatted to me happily (I had actually forgotten she was standing beside me while I had been distracted by Maxine's strange arrival). My friend was completely unaware of the situation unfolding around her. I focussed my senses on finding the out of place aura... then I sensed it.

I gasped. It was well hidden, like it was disguised somehow but I would've known that aura anywhere. No amount of champagne would make me forget that dark purple sparking aura that conjured up pure fear in me and reduced me back to that little girl in the white camisole.

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