They Will Not Have Her

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Logan's POV
The rage I had felt was almost all consuming when I heard what that bastard Fabian had planned for my sweet little mate. He wanted to Rape my mate and kill her. My gorgeous girl who had only goodness and love in her heart. And that bitch hybrid abomination Valerie sought to murder her and drain her of her blood for magical gain... Otis was going insane with anger in my head.

I felt my jaw tighten and I drew my little Luna to my chest possessively. She was crying and shaking. She was terrified. I could tell over the bond that emotionally she felt like it had all already happened. She felt like that repulsive monster had Actually forced himself on her. As she told us of her vision I had held her hand and kissed her.

As my heart broke for her my rage was supplanted by an overbearing need to care for her. She let out a sigh and lay down on our bed, staring at the wooden ceiling of the cabin. I lay by her side and kissed her cheek gently while softly speaking with her, I knew it was important for her to communicate her feelings to me right now.

"It feels... like it actually h-happened Logan... I know now that it didn't... but I can't get r-rid of the image of h-him... f-forcing himself into m-me... there was s-so much blood..." she whimpered.

I couldn't help letting out a growl at this. The thought of that revolting man touching my beautiful girl... forcing his filthy cock into her and with such violence that she bled... inflicting the worst sort of pain on my sweet innocent mate. I knew one thing, he was going to DIE and I was the one who was going to kill him.

Focussing on Leoni, who needed me now more than ever, I gently moved my hand to her midriff and reached under my pyjama top, lightly brushing my fingers across her smooth skin.

"Mmm" - the sound from my little mate's lips that let me know my touch was comforting her. I started to lightly dance my fingertips in circles around her beautiful stomach, giving a little extra attention to her belly button. I imagined how beautiful her belly would look when it was swollen carrying my pup. My cock twitched but I remained dedicated to my mate's needs.

I ran a finger softly below the elastic waistband of her little shorts.

"Little one... I think I know how I can comfort you... let me use our bond to wash away the spectre of that filth touching you... how does this feel sweetheart?" I breathed into her neck before touching my lips to my mark.

"Mmmm... Logan I need you... you are the o-only one who can make it a-all better..." she murmured to me.

Whilst covering her with small kisses, I carefully removed her pyjama top and took a quick intake of breath as her stunning breasts were exposed to me. I was so familiar with every curve of her body but her naked form still blew me away. I laid her down adoringly on the bed and kissed all around her breasts, reserving my licks for her pert nipples. She arched her back under me and I knew she needed more.

"That's it little mate... let me care for you... let me show you how much I love you..." I whispered in her ear before sliding down her silky little shorts and panties. I worked my way down her body with my light kisses, worshipping her form and wishing to take away all her pain... I kissed her clit and felt her body quiver.

"Oh Logan..."

"Leoni, you are so beautiful..."

I pulled off my joggers- I hadn't bothered with boxers today amidst all my worry over my mate. My length was fully erect and ready for her but I wasn't going to rush her in any way today. Her tempting mouth called to me and I moved to place my kisses on her lips once more. I poured my love and devotion into every kiss.

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