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warning: very sexual contents

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*Justin POV*

Laying on the beach with the love of my life without any interruption is something that I wish lasts forever.

"This is so nice." Stella sighed in content, her eyes were closed and there's a smile plastered across her face. "Remember when we first met? You were so charming and I honestly melted by the time I opened the door." she giggled. I chuckled loudly and turned to look at her, she looked up at me with her most beautiful big smile and continued "but then I finally realized that how much of a stuck up rich man you are by the time I got in to a car with you." I faked a groan and lay back down.

"Is that so Stella?" I asked her using her actual name for the first time.


"Fine then." I said while getting up and left her. I went back in to our room and decided to check on my phone.

After doing so I looked up from my phone to see Ella still sitting there on the beach and now she was hugging her knees. I wonder what's on her thoughts right now.

After what felt like almost an hour she stood up from the sand and made her way back to our room. I pretended like I was watching TV by the time she got here.

"Jay, can we get ready and walk around the island right now? I'm getting really bored." she said.

"Go ahead." I said to her.

"Ugh! You're a dick." she groaned before walking to the bathroom. After 30 minutes she walked out of the room then immediately leave. I know she'll be fine on her own because well this is our island.

Anyways all day sitting on the bed watching TV, it was finally getting dark outside and Ella still hasn't got back yet. So I decided to strip myself and get in to the jacuzzi.

I let out a sigh in content and closed my eyes at the hot water surrounded my body.

I heard faint footsteps in our room but knowing, it's just Ella I continued to enjoy my bath.

I heard her coming so I opened my eyes to see she was already in her bathing suit and about to get in.

"Come 'ere." I told her, she did as told and settled herself on my lap.

"How was your walk?"

"Great, I was just looking at the stores and all that." she answered.

"I love you." I said then pecked her lips, she blushed and buried her face on to the crook of my neck. I smiled happily knowing that I still do that to her.

She suddenly brought her small hands on to my cheeks and kissed me. Of course I immediately kiss her back with the same force.

She then moved her legs over so that she was now straddling me and she scooted closer to me.

"I want you." she mumbled against my lips.

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with her? She used to be so not interested in sex and now she couldn't get enough.

Seeing I'm not replying to her, she kissed me again and started to purposely grind on my crotch knowing I'll give in. I moaned and gripped on her bum.

"You sure?" I finally asked her.

She didn't answer, instead she brought one of her hand on to my now growing erection and started rubbing me through my shorts.

"Fuck" I groaned an threw my head back. She then stood up and get out of the jacuzzi so I followed her action and dried myself. She led me inside and then pushed me on to the bed.

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