Chapter 03: A Heart Worth Mining

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Kim just quietly watched this all happen. There was definitely something weird going on with those two. North was only about two years old, so her vocabulary was still limited. But Kim swore her daughter had some kind of ability to communicate telepathically with Wagston. And maybe other animals as well. Kim was so proud of her daughter and couldn't wait to see how her powers developed as she got older. With Kim and Kanye as her parents, North was likely to be the fiercest witch to ever walk the planet. Time would tell, and now they had nothing but time.

North noticed her mother staring at her and looked up to meet her eyes. 

"What drawing mama?" North said, motioning towards the paper that lay in front of Kim. 

Kim had been randomly sketching and doodling while Nori colored. She hadn't really been paying attention or trying to draw anything in particular. "Oh nothing sweetie, Mommy's just--"

Kim looked down at the paper and was surprised to see that she had been drawing something. Someone, actually. She had sketched a woman. A woman sitting on the edge of a bed, wearing only a towel. Her wet blonde hair falling across her face and cling to her neck. Her bee-stung lips parted, inviting. Without even realizing what she was doing, she had drawn Willow Pape.

Kim got lost, staring at the drawing for a moment. 

It was jarring, the suddenly intrusion of the memory of her time in the game. She tried very hard not to think about it too much. To put that experience behind her. She was never the type to focus on the past. Her life and her spirituality were born of living in the moment, of being ever-present in the now. Kim focused on her career and her image and her family. She played with Nori and went shopping with her sisters. She had as much sex with Kanye as was physically possible. She had come so close to losing this life, and now that she had it back she was holding on ferociously, unwilling to let it slip from her manicured grasp ever again. 

But every so often, and more and more recently, Kim felt a pulling, from deep within her. Like someone had tied a string around her heart and was slowly trying to drag it from her chest. Like she would have to race to keep up with it, wherever it went, or risk losing it. She wasn't sure what it meant. She tried not to think about it.

"Mommy draw Elsa?" North asked.

Kim smiled and patted North's head. "Yeah, Mommy was trying to draw Elsa. Mommy's the worst artist. Not like you! Your picture is so pretty! Look at all those colors!" Kim quickly crumpled her own paper up, tossed it into the recycling bin and took out a fresh sheet. 

"Do you want to keep coloring or should we ring for a snack maybe? Is your movie almost over?" Kim looked over at the TV screen and saw that Frozen had been replaced by some kind of emergency news report. The news anchors looked terrified as italicized words and exclamation points scrolled quickly across the bottom the screen in front of them.

"What's going on?" Kim murmured. She pointed her phone at the TV and the volume rose.

"Mommy! Frozen!" North yelled.

"Shh, one second sweetie," Kim said, not looking away from the screen, trying to catch up with what the newscasters were saying.

"...the latest disappearance. The first since Dylan O'Brien was taken late last week. So far that makes at least twenty celebrity disappearances in the last few weeks, although speculation remains as to whether George Clooney was actually taken, or merely wandered off somewhere, lost and confused. Once again, reports are coming in that Canadian rapper and former Degrassi star Drake has disappeared. We'll take a quick break and then be back with an update on Fifth Harmony, who claim their coven is working a spell to harness the entire power of YouTube in order to bring Tyler Oakley back."

"Oh my goddess those girls are going to get themselves killed," Kim said. She loved Fifth Harmony and some day they would be incredibly talented witches but there was no way they should be messing with spells that dangerous. The disappearances were bad enough, soon someone was going to get really hurt. 

Kim had been aware of the disappearances but hadn't paid close attention. She was super focused on her career and book and family. She had kind of assumed or hoped that whatever the issue was it would sort itself out sooner rather than later. Even though she'd known, somewhere deep inside, that was a dire problem, and whatever force was behind the disappearances, it portended only evil and despair. 

And now with Drake disappearing, that was bad. That was very bad. Not just for Drake, but for the world he'd left behind. Someone needed to check on Nicki Minaj. 

Nicki was unquestionably one of the most powerful witches who had ever walked the world, but she also had a certain idgaf-iness to her spellcraft. She had once leveled an entire Midwestern city, when an unsuspecting waiter had brought her her drink and jokingly referred to it as pickle juice.

With her friend Drake gone, there was no telling how Nicki would react. But it would not be good. She would destroy everyone and everything if she thought it would bring Drake back. Someone needed to check on her. Like immediately. 

Kim called Kanye and he picked up before the first ring.

"Hi baby!!" he said.

"Hi sweetie, did you hear?" Kim asked.

"About Drake!! Yeah!! It's bad!!" Kanye said.

"I'm really worried about Nicki."

"Same!!" Kanye said. "I'm about to meet Jay and Bey at her place!! We'll keep an eye on her!!"

"OK," Kim said. "Just get to her and keep her from blowing anything up. Tell her to meet me at the castle tonight, just before midnight."

Kanye was silent for a moment. "The Caste!! Are you sure?!!"

"It's time," Kim said. "This has gone on long enough. We have to do something."

"Got it!!" Kanye said. "I love you!!"

"Love you too. Be safe." Kim said. 

Kim hung up and immediately began making arrangements. Well, first she got North settled in the kitchen with a snack, and then began making arrangements. It was never easy, balancing being a wife, and mother, and independent career woman, and powerful witch who held the fate of the world in her hands. And there was so much to do between now and midnight.

It was time to call an emergency circle of the High Priestesses.


Dylan? Tyler? Drake? Who's next??? And poor Kim pining away for Willow. Next time we will meet the High Priestesses, leaders of some of the most powerful covens in the world. Who are they, I wonder? Vote and comment and let me know your guesses! I'm dying to see how this one ends.

And PS: if you don't know the pickle juice reference, search on youtube for "Nicki pickle juice". It's one of the most important videos of all time.

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