Chapter 17

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Atlanta is like 14 hours from here, Manhattan. It's quite far. Is it consider a long distance relationship? Because we wouldn't be able to see each other everyday since it'd take a whole day to drive there and come back. It would be difficult. It would effect us. I heard that long distance relationship will cause many problems to the relationship.

But why did I care anyway? Ken hadn't come to me yet. And it has been two days already. So why did I bother at all?

I wanted to play hard to get sometimes. But he didn't even care for me anymore. I still wanted an explanation for the sudden moving of his family.
So was he trying to tell me that we are done?

The thoughts only made me feel worse. I love him. But it looked like he gave up. He said he would make us work. I was lost in the thoughts of us falling apart when my phone rang.


I considered picking up or play hard to get. Should I give him a chance?
I wanted to know what he had to say after ignoring me for two days. So I slide across the screen of my phone to pick it up.
"Kris. Oh my god. Thanks god that U picked up my call." He said breathless. I had a war inside of me to decide whether to pick up his call or not and he thanked God?
He should thank me. I didnt know why my anger swelled up because of this small problem, but I was frustrated and I didn't speak back to him.
"Kris? Are you there? Never mind, as long as you picked up. Listen, Kris. I love you," how dare he said these words after ignoring me for two days? After he broke my heart? "I'm sorry. I didn't explain. I'm so sorry. You deserve an explanation. I'm sorry for my mom. I'm sorry for everything." he said, he sounded like he was about to cry.
"Is that all your mother taught you? Sorry?" I realized it was a bit harsh after the words escaped from my mouth, but I really wanted to hurt him. To revenge for what he made me felt. He was silent.
"My family is moving to Atlanta because my father has got promoted. And they said its for my own good too. There is this big music school there, they said it suits me. My dad has always wanted this position he was promoted for. I'm sorry." Right. Job. School. Sorry. I was speechless. What do you have to say to news like this? 'Oh, cool. Congratulation. But I really love you, you can't just leave like this.'
"Are you there, Kris? I know this is a bit shocking and I hate to tell you through the phone. I want to see you. I miss you but-"
"How long has you known about the moving?" I interrupted him because whatever he had to say wouldnt change the fact that he would be gone soon.
A pause. "3 weeks." Nice. I felt like I was betrayed even though it was not something like that. Why did I get so angry over these small things? He had known it for 3 weeks? He didn't even think so tell me? So what? There was nothing to be angry about.
"When are you leaving? The date?"
"7 July. After the graduation day." Exactly 4 weeks from now. I didn't feel anything. I was numb. He told me the information and I received the information. No response. I felt nothing.
I hang up.

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