You're pregnant but he breaks up with you before you tell him..

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HARRY: You walked out of Mothercare with a bag full of baby products, like nappies and little outfits for your soon to be baby girl. And as you suspected, there were more and more paparazzi’s all over the place, which were to be on the front cover of many magazines the next day. What you didn’t suspect, was Harry, who you bumped in to on the way home. “Brilliant,” you hissed to yourself.

“Hi Y/N,” Harry mumbled, his eyes fixed on the shopping bags in your hands.

“Hello,” you said back.

“How are you doing?” Harry asked.

“Look, Harry, you’ve stopped me for a reason, what is it?” you asked, not really in the mood for something to argue about.

“The thing that you had to tell me..on that it that you were pregnant?” Harry asked, feeling a little nervous and shaken.

“Yeah…it was,” you admitted. Harry took a deep breath and looked sick.

“And I broke up with you,” he said to himself. You felt a little teary.

“Mmmyeah. I mean, when you said you had something to say, I didn’t realise it was going to be so…um..yeah.”

“Y/N, that explains a lot, it wasn’t the arguments that tore us apart, that made you sick, it was the pregnancy..” Harry said, finally understanding.

“Yep,” you nodded. There was a very awkward silence.

“Takemeback!” you both said at the same time, making each other smile.

“Okay,” you said again, in sync with one another. Harry put his hands on your now growing stomach before he leant in and kissed you, with so much passion and love that you could only drop your bags and smile into the kiss as paparazzi went crazy around you both.

LIAM: He sat there, in the cafe, very confused. He had assumed that you were going to break up with him…and obviously, apparantly not. Your sister, who had actually come along to see Liam’s reaction to the good news, witnessed the break up and decided to go and talk to him about everything. “Liam? Are you alright?” she asked.

“Nope, I feel like I just broke up with Y/N for no reason..but every man knows that the whole we need to talk line is a bad one!” Liam exclaimed, really failing to defend himself.

“Do you want to know why my sister actually called you here?” your sister asked.

“Yes please,” Liam whispered.

“She’s pregnant, Liam!” your sister said. Liam’s face looked like it was melted as the reality dawned onto him.

“Ah. Brilliant…uh…I feel like I need to text Y/N,” Liam said sadly.

“Ya think?” your sister sighed. Liam took out his phone and sent you a text. ‘Y/N, i am so sorry, ignore everything I said. I love you so much and i know that we are ready to have a baby together okay? meet me back at the cafe and we can talk this through properly? xoxxx’ And of course, you text back ‘of course. i love you too xx’

LOUIS: You and Louis had met through friends. Therefore, when it was a mutual friend of yours birthday party, there was no doubt that you were going to see each other. You were pretty much near your due date, but decided to go anyway. When Louis saw you, though, he avoided you completely. You couldn’t dear with it, when you started feeling pains you needed his assistance, this was his baby after all. You caught him eventually. “Louis, I’m in pain, and whether we are together right now or not, I need you to help me to deliver this baby because I’m pretty sure it’s coming,” you hissed at him. Louis rolled his eyes at you.