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should I make this book a 20 pager or longer?



Pov third person

" yeah, ehe! It's venti but you can call me ven for short!" He said softly while walking around the bar and wobbling a little before landing on the stool with a slight grunt from his foot hitting it first.

" easy there Venti." Xiao mumbled while helping the shorty sit down on the stool before looking up at him and watching how the male in front of him, cheeks were rosy from the drinks he had consume before he had arrived to the bar with zhongli.

" thanks x-hic xiao " venti hiccuped out while covering his mouth as he continued to hiccup.
" are you perhaps barbato-" before xiao could finish asking his question Venti pushed the hand that wasn't over his mouth over the pale short male in front of him and looked at him with fear as the bar doors opened and in came a crowd of paparazzis that had been waiting to come in.

They only knew that venti was hear because someone had seen the older enter the bar early and had taken a picture of the male who forgot to put a mask on and a hat walking into the bar.






Before the reporter could finish that question Venti had grabbed his glass and dropped it on the floor in front of him.

Zhongli and kaeya were trying to shove the crowd out of the bar and the females had heard the sudden noises and came out to help. Xiao was left speechless as he looked at all the flashing cameras before frowning and biting his inner cheek.

but all of them stopped once the glass hit the floor and the sound of a stool falling with it. Venti had stood up and was facing the crowd of paparazzis with a red face. Most from the alcohol but the rest was out of pure rage.

" Who said you were allowed to talk about him huh? Who the fuck are you to ask those questions? Why do you care so much huh? Can't I just go one fucking day without y'all being in my ass." Venti said while rolling his eyes and grabbing one of the cameras of a male that had clicked the little button to take a picture of the male.

Once the camera was in venti's hands it'd be the last time that camera would ever take pictures again because the male threw it to the ground and stomped on it before looking up at the rest.

" delete the pictures and don't talk about this event or I'll sue you all for defamation and take every last penny you guys have." he said while rubbing his head with one of his hands as his vision started to blur a little from the fast movements he took a few seconds ago.

" all of you heard him, delete the photos and leave." Beidou said while walking forward and opening the bar door. " NOW"

the crowd of paparazzi's left with no pictures of the night and a word wasn't gonna leave any of their mouths after that.

" you alright?" Zhongli asked while coming to the now teary eyed male who was wiping his eyes with frustration.

" yeah, good." Venti said softly while blinking a few times before smiling and turning to everyone. " I think imma go home now. I'm really tired." He said while slightly lowering his head before turning and walking to the door.

" oh alright, message me when you get home ven!" Kaeya said while watching the males back slowly walk to the door.

" same here ven and I'm sorry that happened." Beidou said while cursing under her breath and taking note that she'd have to get a bodyguard for the front door.

" Venti allow me to walk you there." Said zhongli as he watched the small male reach for the door but miss and hit the door instead but after a few tries finally getting it.

" no need, I got it zhongli but thanks and it wasn't your fault beidou, so don't feel bad. Cya guys" he said while walking out and heading down the sidewalk.

" I think imma leave as well, cya guys." Xiao said while walking to the door as well. " well wait xiao let me go as well since I was your ride." Zhongli said while grabbing his jacket.

" not needed, I called a cab. Just stay here and have fun. You deserve it." Xiao said while flashing the male a small smile for reinsurance before leaving and hearing the others saying bye as well.

As venti made his way around the corner of the bar he felt like someone was behind him so he turned around and was about to yell to the person to stop following but stopped when he saw xiao standing there with a small smile.

" oh, hey xiao. What brings you here?" Venti asked while slowly swaying a little but balancing himself against the bar wall as he waited for the male to talk.

" I wanted to walk you if that's fine, you didn't seem so well and you've had a few drinks. Plus I didn't get to thank you for my Amazon drink that you made me." He mumbled while moving a little forward towards the male.

" sure, why not. I'm sorry about what happened " Venti said while slowly getting off the wall and walking again. " I should've been more careful when I left my apartment." He mumbled to himself while turning to look at the male next to him as they walked down the dark yet somewhat safe feeling sidewalk.

" no need, I should've been more careful too." He said while thinking about how zhongli and him walked across the street with no mask or hat to hide their identity from the people there.

" but to answer your question, yeah I am but please just call me Venti or ven." The name rolled off venti's tongue with sadness not like how it did when xiao had first heard the males name from those lips.


kinda short but I hope you all enjoy still <333 hehe!


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