Chapter One

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Blare growled as she tossed the remains of the dead rat. She had drained. Blood dripped down her chin, she could hear the laughter of humans out in the distance. She slowly made her way to the entrance, she sniffed the air an frowned having smelt something that smelt so good to her. It was a sweet musky scent, she wiped the blood from her mouth an followed the scent. She kept her head down as she passed a couple who gave her disgusting looks. She was a girl that walked barefoot and raggedy tore up rags she had on for clothing. She sniffed the air giving out a low hiss as the scent she followed grew stronger, and knew she was getting close.
She looked to the sidewalk and saw a black car. She eyed it carefully an inhaled the scent. She looked towards the alley near the diner and hears commotion.
She slowly crept up and peeked seeing an older looking male and another a couple years older than her was with him. He was dressed in all black with weapons that she looked in awe at.
Her eyes grew wide seeing the boy hold a man by his throat up against the wall in the air. She noticed he had fangs. She watched the man kick the other man in black. She ran forward knocking both men to the ground. Blare eyed the man that hissed at her.
"You have no business being here", she said feeling her eyes burn knowing it changed to a glowing amber. She grabbed the man with fangs by the throat, inhaling his scent and frowned when it wasn't the scent she was following. She looked to the other guy and saw he had a shotgun pointed at them. She knew the man in black was studying her.

Blare yelped in pain as the guy had stabbed her in the shoulder with some silver.
She dropped the man and held onto her shoulder but jumped back when a loud gunshot sounded out and she watched as the man in front of her turned to ash.
She slowly leaned against the wall and slowly slid down, she let out a small whimper. She eyed the two people in front of her as they approached her, she hissed at them. The old man kneeled down but not to close to her,
"What are you?", he asked seeing her glowing eyes.

"Nothin, what are you?", she retorted looking down at her shoulder.
"Ow..why does it burn", she whimpered trying to pull it out.

"You'll make it worse", she looked up hearing the other guy speak as he bent down. Blare hummed inhaling his scent,
"You..", she softly said as he took his shades off and raised and eyebrow at her.
"Your's... it's", she mumbled feeling dizzy. She all of a sudden saw two of him,
"Whoa dude, there's two of you", she giggled as Blade looked at her confused.
"I see... I'm not feeling too good", she slurred, feeling light headed, her body going numb. Her body fell to the side but Blade caught her, quickly pulling out the stake and putting pressure to her wound.
"What do you want to do kid? Should we take her with us?", Whistler asked Blade who looked down at Blare who shivered.

"Just this one time", Blade said as he picked up the girl bridal style, her head falling on his chest. He walked to the car as Whistler put down the seat and let Blade put the girl in the backseat. Once he knew she was secure, he walked around and got in the driver seat.
"How was she not ash?", blade asked looking back at the girl who was passed out.

Whistler sighed shaking his head,
"I don't know kid, maybe she could be like you and if she is, we need to get her off the streets", he says as they pulled up into the garage of their hideout.

"You saw her eyes glow", Blade asked getting out, lowering his seat and picks up the girl. Whistler had Blade lay her on the gurney so that he could patch her up.
"I'm not sure why her eyes glow, but I got to say I've never seen a vampire with eyes like that. That's a first for me", he said as Blade watched Whistler gather supplies. He looked down at the girl who started to twitch,
"Whistler", Blade called out holding the girl down as her body shook more violently. Whistler walked back, he lifted her eyelids to see her eyes looking everywhere,
"It's the thirst", Whistler sighed looking to Blade who not once took his eyes off the girl.

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