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Ariana's P.O.V

Yeh it was not a great view, but I didn't care, I just walked through the room, the Ross said

"Ariana what are you doing?"

"yeh what are you doing here?" Ruby said, clearly annoyed

"Going to my sleepover" I said in a duurh voice. I walked out his room and over to Rydels room

"heyy Delly" I said

"Heyy Ari" she said, giving me a hug. She went through the plan of today and tomorrow, and I was quite excited. We are gonna do each others nails, and hair, we are gonna play truth or dare with the boys, were gonna watch movies, have a midnight feast and tomorrow we are all gonna go shopping, yes, even the boys.

It was already 6:00pm and finally I heard Ruby go home. Rydel and I changed onto our night clothes, which were the same, except she had blue shorts on and a blue sports bra with a black hoodie whilst I had pink.

We were all gonna play truth or are now and gathered in the living room, once Rydel and I got down all eyes were on me in awe. Rocky looked like he was drooling, boys seriously have issues. We got into a circle and Riker started

"Ross truth or dare"

"dare" Ross said

"I dare you to sleep in the same bed as Ariana" Riker said. WHAT?!!?!? Is he crazy?!!?

"okay" Ross replied, he looked happy. Am I the only one who gets no say towards this?

"Rydel truth or dare" Ross said

"Truth" Rydel said

"umm.... is it true that you've never had a boyfriend?" Ross asked

"Yeh It's true" Rydel said proudly, I smiled at that

"Ariana truth or dare" Rydel asked me

"Dare" I said, a little nervously

"I dare you and Ross to do 7 minutes in heaven in THAT cupboard" Rydel said, pointing towards a door. I am NOT going to kiss him, uh uh. Ross picked me up bridal style and took me to that room, then locked it. What the hell is happening!! He set me on his lap and turned the light off. I could feel hid breathing on my neck which ment he was leaning in

"I've been waiting for this moment forever" Ross said, whispering in my ear which sent shivers down my spine. He leaned in more, I didn't realise I was too until...


You'll find out in next chapter, although I think we all know what will happen!!