Chapter 63

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It's been nearly twenty-four hours since the Shipping Massacre. That's what people are calling it, or so I hear from the talk around jail. News of Garcia's death spread pretty far and wide, but no one knows the truth about Carole. That part was grossly overlooked by the public. It was said that Alonzo Garcia died in a brutal attack by local gang the Southbend bikers while tending to a shipment. Von Tesse's crew were also apprehended. Ten people were killed. Not exactly the worst I've witnessed, but with Garcia's name in the throw of it, the news blew up.

So did the streets. I wake up at some ungodly hour to a guy in the opposite cell hissing my name. I'm in desperate need of some painkillers, but I'm grateful at least for the doctor that patched up all of my serious wounds. They just needed dressing and stitches. Nothing to warrant a comfortable hospital stay. Not for a killer like me.

"Hey Jess!"

I stir and see Angus calling out to me. He's one of the drug dealers I used to trade to.

He smirks. "You look like shit."

"What do you want Angus," I groan.

"To say that you are one crazy mother fucker," he says. "And a legend."

"What are you talking about?"

"Garcia. You shot that prick down. Everyone thinks you're a hero. People aren't afraid to get off their bikes anymore. After what you did, we're all safe again."

I turn over and put my back to him before he can tell me again how much of a 'legend' I am.

I listen to the conversations throughout the jail. The cops talk about Lizzie and Danny, how they've gone to live with their aunt on the south of the city until things with the courts are cleared up and Danny is free to leave. Their business is their business and I don't ever want to look at Lizzie or Danny again.

Todd, Billy, Sam and Mickey were all arrested. The others managed to get away on their bikes. Sam and Mickey went to a different station and Todd and Billy were kept far away from me, at least until they were thrown into a cell down the other side of the station. When they brought Todd past my cell, he looked down at me with so many mixed emotions, I couldn't find one that was strongest.

"You okay, Jess?" he asked.

I gave him a humorless smile. "I'm just peachy."

His lips twitched in a smirk as the officer shoved him forward.

I don't know what will happen to me. I presume someone will throw a shitty community lawyer at me, I'll be put on on trial for Garcia's murder and go down as a killer and a hero, depending on who you ask. Then I'll go to prison. It's what I'm expecting. I'm ready for it.

What I'm not ready for is to be interrogated by Nick.

Hands in cuffs, just like the first time we met, I am led into the larger interrogation room at the station. Nick is there in the corner, and Sarge. A man in a suit and another with an FBI badge joins us. I'm so overwhelmed that I start to really panic.

Nick's expression is hard to read. He doesn't give away any emotion. In the warehouse he was both harsh and loving toward me. I expect him to be furious that I punched him in order to save his skin, but he's masking his true feelings. Is it because we're in the presence of the FBI agent?

I'm still covered in bruises and I haven't showered yet. My bandages need changing. I stare into his gaze and can't help but start to cry as I'm guided to the chair before the desk. After I sit down, there is silence in the room. A long silence. They're waiting to deliver news.

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