Defensive Manoeuvres

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After midterms and the night of the engagement party, the lead up to the Mating Ceremony and Wedding seemed to pass even more quickly. I found myself often taking respite at the piano to help clear my head. Fern seemed to have all the details under control and I had asked Sophia to be my Maid of Honour which she was thrilled about. Between them I felt confident everything would run smoothly. I just wanted to make everything official finally, I felt ready.

I was still only 18 but with all I had been through and all the coaching I was receiving from Fern, Logan and Reese I felt equipped to become a good Luna for the pack. It helped that Logan had complete unwavering faith in me, even when I screwed something up his positivity when it came to me never faltered. It rubbed off on me too, I just believed I could do it. I also knew he would be there every step of the way to guide me and protect me. I often imagined how scared he must have been taking over the Alpha role without me beside him. Without his other half. He had to wait so long for me. Werewolves could normally only produce pups with their destined mates so he must've felt fear there too. I was actually becoming excited about starting to try for a pup with Logan... but I didn't want to tell him that Just yet as I really needed to wait a little longer so I could finish School before any pups arrived. I felt I owed that to myself.

My weeks were punctuated by Storm's morning runs with Otis and my ever more rigorous training sessions with Reese. These were followed by frequent check ups with Mel - of course, at Logan's insistence. He found it understandably very difficult to see me take punches from Reese or the other Warriors in training sessions. There were a few instances where he went berserk at a warrior and once at Reese for landing a move on my body. His possessive tendencies were primal and largely influenced by his wolf... Otis didn't care Who it was but only saw another male touching and hurting his mate. Only my influence through the link seemed to calm him and reassure him.

I was nearly always able to see attacks coming before they landed as my power of foresight was heightening more every day. Spontaneous or reactive aggressive moves were harder for me to deal with so that was a focus for Reese in his work with me. Sometimes when a punch came at me too quickly to see it ahead of time, if I was distracted linking with Logan or channelling another power, then the hit made contact.

It was now almost Halloween and Reese had me lifting large tractor tires with my telekinesis and flinging them across the training field. Adele had brought Arno, Anya and little Atticus down to cheer me on and deliver candy apples - I stood biting into my candy apple whilst continuing with the mentally tiring tractor wheel task. Only another 5 to go... *crunch* I have always loved a candy apple.

Logan had just arrived, I swore he had a sixth sense for knowing when food was on offer or maybe he was monitoring our link while I was training - thinking about it the latter was very likely. I rolled my eyes thinking about it, he was so paranoid about me getting hurt. I heaved another tire to the end of the field and felt my brain getting slightly foggy at the exertion.

Suddenly I felt an arm aggressively come round my neck from behind and drag me backwards. I screamed but my scream was muffled as my attacker was pushing on my windpipe. I gasped for air, totally forgetting about my candy apple, the tires, Logan...

'Fight back my love!!' Logan reached out to me over our link, there was an edge of panic to his tone. I was feeling weak from the exertion of the session and was being pulled backward violently whilst having difficulty breathing - all of which made it difficult to think. Whoever was attacking me had a strong aura and one which belied a ruthlessness.

I focussed my energy on my attacker, whichever warrior he was was going to pay for this sneaky underhanded attack on me. And for the loss of a perfectly good, only half eaten candy apple which was now lying somewhere in the grass. I pulled at his arm but it was like steel...

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