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It was the best of times. The ripe age of wisdom, love and happiness. But what is a flow with no currents? A dead one. It's said that change is the constant rule of life.

What they often fail to note, is the consequences of the past.

Caressing the grape between his fingers, a million thoughts ran in Zayn's mind. It was his and Harry's 10th wedding anniversary, but the latter couldn't be found anywhere.

Now, Zayn being a man with multiple lovers, he celebrated anniversaries four times every year. In addition to that, celebrating his birthday with his twin Rodger had made him used to being accompanied by someone always, no matter what the occasion.

"Your pa forget again, I guess." He sighed to his daughter Hope.

The girl stared at him with her signature one green and one blue eye, smiling softly. "What, dada?"

"Today is a special day, little one." He showed him his pinky finger, indicating the sapphire embedded ring.

"Gift?" She smiled brightly.

Zayn shook his head. Hope was a little slow for her age, completely opposite to Arya. Five years ago, when she was Hope's age, Zayn was sure she would vanquish an enemy on her own.

But that didn't make him differentiate. He just took a note to be more patient and careful with Hope.

"Come on, let's see what your brothers and sisters are doing."

Zayn picked up the little girl, walking in the gardens further to find Arya. She was in a threatening stance, a small sword in her hands as she fought off an imaginary enemy. As her eyes landed on Zayn, she put her sword back and approached him.

"Father." She bowed lightly, wiping the sweat of her forehead.

Zayn smiled. She was the spitting image of Louis, even fiercer than him. At just 11, she had mastered the art of sword fighting, and was as swift as the wind.

"Hey, how's your practice going?"

"Very well, thank you. I just wish papa would let me yield his sword." She gestured to Louis who was a few yards away, with two swords in his hands. Over the years, he had begun using both hands, training his left to be as strong as his right side.

"I'll get you one even better after a few years, okay?" He patted her head affectionately, putting Hope on the ground.

"I love you dad!" She smiled and hugged his waist and then bent down towards Hope. "You hear that little sister, I'm gonna be the best warrior this kingdom has ever seen."

Hope grinned, nodding. "Yay!"

Arya frowned as their eldest brother Bran walked towards them, eating an apple. She didn't like how lazy he was, and the only thing he took interest in was eating. However, he looked in a hurry as he approached Zayn.

"Father, come with me! Archies, he suddenly fainted..." He spoke with a mouthful of apple.

Arya shivered in disgust and grabbed Hope, catching up with Zayn who ran towards Liam's chambers. He bit his lip, trying to control himself. Archies fell unconscious quite often and no maester could tell the reason.

"Li. What happened?" He caught his breath, as he saw Liam holding his son, feeling his forehead.

"He was playing with a doll, and then I don't know....." His hands shook in concern.

"Calm down, doll." He turned to Arya. "Honey please get the maester."

Arya hurriedly ran off, Archies was her favourite sibling. He was the only one she was civil with.

After Archies was inspected, as usual nothing wrong could be found. Within a few moments, he awoke and sat back up as if nothing happened.

"Son, you really give me quite the scare." Zayn softly scolded him, hugging the boy to his chest.

Archies, who spoke very rarely, nodded. "I am alright, father. Do not fret."

Zayn frowned as he noticed his eyes were a golden-orange hue instead of the soft brown. Initially he didn't believe Harry's claims of Archies possessing powers, but now he was starting to have suspicions.

He let go for it now, kissing his head gently. "Rest."

He walked out into the balcony, taking a deep breath. Life got really hard at times, having four children wasn't easy. He gazed at the sky, it was turning dark and soon, it'll be dinner time. Harry was nowhere to be seen, neither was Niall. He thought earlier that perhaps Harry was busy, but now it seemed the ugly truth.

He had indeed forgotten their anniversary.

Zayn clutched at the gift he held in his dress pocket, maybe Harry thought he had forgotten? And was waiting for him to wish first?

He walked out of the castle with renewed spirit, looking for the curly haired lad. He froze when he heard laughing from the music room and the soft whispers.

Harry was with Niall, as they were writing to what seemed like a new song. Few seconds later, Harry laughed and kissed Niall with eagerness. They didn't even notice him standing at the door, just carrying on without having a care in the world.

He strode inside with a hard face, them finally noticing his presence. Before they could say a word, Zayn grabbed Harry's hand, and thrusted the gift in it.

"Happy anniversary, Harry. I am incredibly sorry to bother you, please don't go on. Have a good time."

Harry gasped, his face paling. He stared at the gift as if it was going to bite him. Seeing his reaction, Zayn scoffed. Of course, he shouldn't have expected so much.

"My king! Wait..."

But Zayn was already out of the door, running into a random part of the garden. He sat on the grass, gazing into the beautiful sad sunset.

Gorgeous, yet gloomy.

He saw Louis in the same spot from earlier, but he was finished as he put both his swords back. Louis frowned when he noticed the dejected look on Zayn's face, walking closer and crouching down next to him.

"Darling, what's wrong?"

Zayn shook his head, refusing to look at him.

"Hey..." Louis pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back gently.

"Do you still love me, Lou?" He bit his lip. He remembered the grand celebration they had on his and Louis' decade anniversary, and the amazing night following that.

Louis stared at him as if he grew two heads.

"Where is this coming from?"

"Harry.... He was making out with Niall. Didn't even talk to me all day. And it was supposed to be our anniversary." He sighed sadly.

"That idiot." Louis groaned.  He stood up to go give Harry a hearing but Zayn held him.

"Not his fault. I should have known this day will come. People fall out of love in marriages, all the time. Really, I shouldn't be surprised."

The only way to describe his situation was two words.

Life happened.

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