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A/N:I'm sorry everyone for my absence on wattpad.....my iPad broke and is now in California and my cousin broke my phone.So yeah

(Sebastian's POV)

Y/N seems upset that I said no to her about having a master.I was walking to the young master's study to serve him his afternoon tea."Ciel you can't tell my father."I heard Y/N say.What is she keeping from me I stopped to hear what she's hiding from me."Okay."Ciel said."Ciel I sold all my father's kittens..I wanna see how long it'll take him to notice."Y/N said.'My kitties' I turned obvious upset but then I had to see his face."Faustus."I said venomously.Claude walked passed me."Oh my,good morning Lord Faustus."I heard jewels say.I turned around."Jewels."I said calming down.Jewels jumped when I called her name and ran towards me."Yes Master Michaelis."She said."Where have you been?"I asked."Well I was summoned bad to hell by Satan."Jewels said blushing."Oh my,well anyways I want you to stay by Y/N's side."I said glaring at Claude."Especially around spiders."I said through my gritted teeth.

(Your POV)

You and Ciel was sitting in the room awkwardly."Ciel-"You started but was soon cut off by Ciel's lips pressing against yours.He kissed you passionately then your lips parted."CIELLLL!!!!"You heard a super high squeaky voice.Soon a blonde came running in.She hugged Ciel."Y/N I'll be going out to town stay here with Elizabeth."Ciel said getting up as soon as your father walked in."Oh My aren't you just the cutest thing."The talking barbie,named Elizabeth,said hugging you.Your father and Ciel left then Elizabeth let go of you immediately."What are you doing with my Ciel."Elizabeth said."Uhh nothing."You said.Elizabeth then slapped you with the back of her hand."WHAT THE HECK!!!"You screamed."I honestly don't what you near my Ciel...You got that."Elizabeth said."I'm deeply sorry M'Lady,but my father happens to work

here and it would best not to anger him."You said smirking.Elizabeth sent another slap towards you but a gloved hand stopped her.You looked up to see your father."Sebastian Y/N tried to attack me."Elizabeth said as your father let go of her hand."Father!"You said happily."F-father?"Elizabeth asked to her self.You stuck your tongue out at her and your father glared at you."S-sorry...."You said."Now Y/N I understand you and lady Elizabeth got off on the wrong foot.Y/N apologize."Your father said giving you an evil look as his eyes turned fuchsia."BUT FATHER SHE STARTED IT......I'M NOT APOLOGIZING!!!!"You yelled storming out the room.You kept stomping until you made it to your room."Ugh!!Jewels!!!"You yelled."Yes?!"Jewels said nervously."Let's go."

So this is where it ends for now.

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