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09 - lunch

" y/n this is urgent. " 

after hearing heejin's deep voice chime through your phone, you were sent into a panic about this something urgent, until you found out she was hungry. great.

as her ' girlfriend ' your job was to feed her apparently. 


" not what i signed up for. " you grumbled, making your way toward the practice room door. your converse made a small tap against the tile floor, a small breeze running through the company's building. it seemed, nice.

soon enough you had reached the practice room door, butterflies filling your ribs, you hadn't met all the members yet, it was a little nerve racking. and another thing, you had to act as heejin's girlfriend, ugh.

your hand met the cold metal handle of the door, twisting it slightly to let yourself in.

" heejin-ah ? " you called, trying to keep your voice down a bit, a lot of the girls were dancing, eating, or napping on the floor. your eyes met those of sooyoung's first, her first love smile immediately hitting her face. your gaze still searched for heejin, before you finally saw her, approaching the door quite quick with her arms wide. 

you knew she was going in for a hug, so you set the bag of food down gently before her arms were wrapped tightly around her, nose nuzzled into her neck, grinning widly.

you obviously couldn't see it, but that first love smile of sooyoung's had turned into a grimace, if looks could kill heejin would be out cold.

" hey baby. " heejin said, voice deep as ever, something very attractive about her to you, even being only friends you could admit that.

" hi jagi. " you smiled, pulling away to analyze her face. 

god you guys were good actors.

" let's eat, yeah ? " she said, wearing a smug grin, weirdo.

" yeah. " you smiled back.

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