The Revival

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Jungkook stood around his brothers seemingly lifeless forms. His mother had stepped out but he was instructed to watch them.

Did he want to?


But who was he to refuse his mother?

'You should feel down right awful.' Says his mind

"You should shut the fuck up." Jungkook says aloud

'You're digging yourself a deeper hole, idiot."

"Shut up." Jungkook seethes

"I'll never leave Jungkook. As much as you want me to, I'll still be here... because this is my body."

Jungkook grips his hair into his hands.

"Shut up." He says stronger before his phone rings

He hesitantly answers without seeing the caller I.D.


"Aunt Ella?" He asks oddly

"Mm... how are you?" She asks

"I'm still alive... I guess." He answers

"Meet me for dinner? The restaurant not far from your home."

"How do you know where ma lives? I've never brought you here—"

"I'm a witch Jungkook, there aren't many things you can hide from your aunt." She chuckles

"Fine... I'll be there." He ends the call and stares back at his brothers.

His mother did say she'd be out for a while, and they're in a comatose state so they won't be waking up.

He could slip out and slip back in before anyone realizes.


"It's not nice to creep up on people." You say softly as you slide the book behind your back

"I'm not snooping, I'm simply walking around my house." Says the male

"Well... I didn't ask to be here. I'm simply trying to get familiar with where I'm forced to reside." You respond

"I could have my wife let you go, but then you'd be right back where you were before... unable to help your parents and—"

The doorbell rings and it leaves the man silent.

You catch the worry in his eyes.

"What?" You asks

"I can't imagine who'd be at the door." He says

"What do you mean?"

"Everyone we know has a key. And we only know the most trustworthy of people..." he quickly exits the room and you follow him.

Quickly trying to match his pace as you both make your way down the stairs.

But to your surprise, Ella is already ushering you to hide and you do so behind a wall as she and her husband open the door.

"Hello, are you Ella?"

"Depends on who's asking...." She answers, "How have you found this home?"

"I was sent by... Elise?"

Ella raises her hand and moves her palm in a soft circle.

"I don't sense any ill will from you. What's your name?"

"Areum... she said you could help me find my daughter—"

Your eyes widen and you rush to pull the door away from the two figures who have been housing you.

"Mom?" You say shockingly

"My love?" She responds as she pulls you into her arms. She brushes your hair with her hand as she holds you closely. Giving your loving pecks along your face.

"Are you safe? Are you okay?" She asks

"Are you?" You ponder

"I am now." She says as Ella begins to usher you both into the home.

"I—I have to leave. I've placed crystals around the home so no bad entities may enter. I'll be back soon."

"When is soon?" Asks her husband knowingly

"Soon." She says as she grabs her bag beside the door and leaves.

"And what is your name?" Your mother asks as she continues to keep you close

"Michael, but everyone just calls me Ella's husband." He chuckles while closing the door.


Jungkook arrives at the cafe a little earlier than Ella. He sits patiently and even taps his fingers on the tabletop.

"What do you think she wants?" Jungkook's better half wonders

"I don't know... probably something unnecessary." Jungkook chortles

"You think?"

"Mm. What else could it be? We're not her favorite people—"

"You and our brothers aren't but.... Me and aunt Ella have always been close."

"Of course... close with our mother's enemy." Jungkook says matter of fact-like

"Jealous? You're Elise's favorite."

"As I'd prefer to be." He says, ignoring the watchful eyes of those around, he realizes he probably looks as though he's talking to himself.

"Hey can I ask a question? No underlying shit just a real question."

"Shoot." Jungkook answers quite interested

"Why is it that I can only remember certain things when you take over?" He asks

"Because... although I hate you and wish you'd leave—"

"Even though this is my body."

"Do you want me to answer or not?"

His other side doesn't respond.

"We are connected. There are certain things I do or say when I'm in charge that could hurt you—things too traumatic to see. Every event like that ruins your mental state and in return, it ruins me. So I only allow you to remember the small things." Jungkook answers

"Interesting." His mind speaks and before Jungkook can respond he hears the bell atop the door ringing.

He glanced towards the door and watches his aunt enter and begin walking in his direction.

She smiles and sits in front of him.

"Oh..." she says worriedly, "If you're out then I can only imagine what Jungkook's going through."

"I am Jungkook and how can you even tell the difference?"

"You're scowling at me." She says

"No I'm not." He says with a scowl, "why are you here?"

"Well before we can speak, I'm afraid we'll have to fix you." She says

"Fix me? What?"

She quickly grabs Jungkook's hand and he feels immobilized.

Her eyes gleam white.

"Two, become one." She mutters

Jungkook gasps as his mind seems to slowly shift into one object. His thoughts no longer separated but together as one.

He doesn't feel evil.... He doesn't feel good... he feels—

"Normal." He says softly as Ella's eyes begin to dim back to their green color and she leans back into her seat, releasing her hold on him.

"How are you feeling now Jungkookie?"

"Better... way better." He says as he notices how the nickname doesn't bother him anymore.

"Good. Shall we continue the conversation then?"
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