I walked in and I was looking for my seats. Justin got us front row seats and backstage passes. I hugged and kissed him. I got a call from the police.

Police: Gabby Santos?
Gabby: Yeah
Police: We did the analysis and it turns out the Jennifer is related to you.
Gabby: Do you know if she is my cousin it something?
Police: Actually we do. She is your sister and you need to come to the police station and pick her up.
Gabby: What! Now? I am at a concert and I can't wait to see them perform their song and I can't.
Police: Gabby if you don't come then I will have to be forced to put her in an orphanage.
Gabby: Fine I will be there.
Police: Ok Gabby. We will see you here.

I sat down and I began to tear up. Justin came over and lifted the tip of my chin carefully.

Justin: What happened weren't you excited for the concert?
Gabby: I was but I need to go to get Jennifer from the police station.
Justin: Can't we go after the concert?
Gabby: No or else they put her in an orphanage.
Justin: Am I allowed to go pick her up?
Gabby: I don't think so.
Justin:Maybe if we go now we can make it back in time for the backstage meet and greet.
Gabby:Yeah maybe I can enjoy that.

I was so devistated that I couldn't go to the concert after all went through. I just hope that it won't take long.

Police: Gabby you will have to fill out some paperwork.
Gabby: How long will that take?
Police: About an hour or two maybe even more.
Gabby: WHAT!
Police: Is that a problem because we can just put her in the orphanage.
Gabby: No there isn't a problem let's just get started.

2 hours later

We speeded to the concert and I sprinted to the door and saw they were cleaning the stage. I began to cry and Justin ran in after me trying to catch his breathe. He saw the stage was empty and he hugged me.

Justin: Its fine there is always next time my love. Come one we have to go back to the hotel.

I shaked my head and put my knees up to my face. Justin carried me to the car and he kissed me. As we were driving we hit a sharp stick that made the tire to flaten. I saw a giant bus came next to us and it was a tour bus and I sat up straight and I screamed. The lead vocals of the band came out.

Michael Tait: Do you need any help?
Michael Tait: Are you ok?
Gabby: I can't believe that you are right in front of me.
Michael Tait: Didnt you go to the concert.
Gabby: I had problems but I wanted to go I had backstage passes to meet you but I didn't go.
Michael Tait: What state do you live in?
Gabby: New York.
Michael Tait: Here are 3 tickets and backstage passes to the concert in New York.

I began to cry and I didn't care.

Gabby: Thank you so much.
Michael Tait: What's your name and favorite song from the band?
Gabby: I like the song We Believe and God's Not Dead. My name is Gabby.
Michael Tait: I have to keep that on mind. It was nice meeting you. I wil see you at the concert.
Gabby: May I have an autographed picture.
Michael Tait: Take this it's a bag and it's filled with stuff that you might like.

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