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Pen Your Pride

Dirty Harry Imagine

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#imagine Harry decided to throw a fancy dress party at his house and you decide to go as a school girl from St Trinians. You find a really short skirt, suspenders, and a tight blouse, with some huge heels to wear. You tightly curl your hair and finish the look off with some sexy glasses. You then walk to Harry’s in the freezing cold. You knock on the door and Harry answers it after a while. He has a bottle of beer in his hand, even though the party hasn’t started yet. ‘Oh my god…’ He mumbles, biting down on his lip lightly. His eyes slowly run down your body and then back up. He grins and takes your hand and pulling you inside. You close the door behind you and suddenly find yourself pressed up against it, with Harry running his hands up your body. You giggle and slightly push him away from you. ‘Isn’t everyone gonna be here soon?’ You ask, not being able to wipe the grin off your face. ‘Nope, we’ve got an hour…’ Harry winks. Without waiting for a reply, Harry brings his lips down on your neck, running his hands over your legs and up your skirt slightly. You jump up and wrap your legs tightly around his hips. He quickly walks you to the stairs and carries you up. You moan slightly as he kisses your neck harder, giving you a small love bite. You feel yourself getting more and more turned on as Harry closes the bedroom door behind you. He slowly puts you down and you stand facing each other for a second, just staring at each other’s sexyness! You take your glasses off as you walk slowly towards the bed. You ‘accidently’ drop them on the floor. You turn around and wink cheekily at Harry before bending down slowly to pick them up, with your legs astride a little. ‘Oh.. my.. god.’ You hear him mumble. You slowly stand back up, with your back facing him. You suddenly feel his body pressing up against you from behind. You can feel his huge bulge pressing into you. You can tell how bad he wants you from how quick he’s breathing. His hands quickly press themselves against your tits, and he squeezes, massaging them gently. He whispers huskily in your ear that he wants you. You giggle slightly and turn around to face him. You begin swaying your hips from side to side bending down a little. You then stand back up and peck his lips once before bending your legs fully and falling to your knees. You slide your hands up the inside of his tight jeans and he gazes down at you, in pure bliss. You slowly undo them and pull them down sharply with his boxers. You grin widely when you see his huge, throbbing dick. You want him so bad, but you want to tease him a little more. You look up at him and wink sexily, before placing one hand on his dick. You move closer and slowly lick it from base to tip, driving him mad. He moans loudly and orders you to suck it. You oblige and suck as hard and deep as you can. He grabs your hair and pushes you on deeper moaning your name again. His moans become progressively louder and he soon tosses his head back, screaming your name and you feel his warm cum filling your mouth. You swallow sexily and stand up, wiping the corners of your mouth subtly. Harry rips off his top so he’s stood completely naked in front of you whereas you’re still in full costume. He grabs the tight blouse you’re wearing and rips it open, tearing all the buttons off. You giggle sexily as his mouth finds it’s way onto your tit, sucking it desperately. Before long, he spins you around and bends you over in front of him. His fingers trail down your body and towards your pussy. He lifts your skirt up a little, and moves your thong to the side, chuckling a little as he sets eyes on your pussy. You feel goose bumps rise as one of his fingers slowly enters your pussy. It is shortly followed by another finger, and he fingers you hard. You moan slightly, biting down on your lip. Without warning, his fingers leave you and you feel his hips thrust forward. You scream a little as his huge dick enters you. You press your hands against the wall, using it as a support as he pounds you harder. You feel a warm sensation take over the whole of your body, and you throw your head back a little. Harry’s warm hands press against your tits and massage them, driving you even madder. You feel your knees becoming weaker and weaker as Harry fucks you harder. You both moan each other’s name and you feel as though you won’t be able to hold it any longer. Harry’s husky voice sounds in your ear, telling you to hold it in as long as you can. You hold your breath for a moment, thinking about nothing but the scream boiling up inside of you. He pushes harder, sending you completely crazy. You can’t take it anymore, you throw your head back, arching your back and screaming as loud as you can. Harry’s face moves to the side of yours, and he lets out a long, low groan as you continue to scream. You place your hand on the back of his neck as you feel his warm cum filling you. You slowly turn to face him, breathing heavily and struggling to catch your breath. Your eyes fall on his red face – his hair is slightly falling over his face and a huge grin is plastered to his lips. You feel his cum dripping out of you and running down your leg a little. He looks down your body and notices. ‘I’ll clean that up for you…’ He winks, falling to his knees and running his finger from your huge stiletto’s up to your thigh. His tongue connects with your thigh, sucking slightly as he works his way up. His tongue slowly slides into your pussy and sucks you a little. Before long you’re screaming his name again, as he eats you out, begging him for more. You feel so weak and fall to your knees so you’re on the same level as him. You kiss him so passionately, wrapping your arms round the back of his neck and into his hair. His teeth bite down lightly on your lip and you moan quietly again. You smile cheekily and move slightly away from him, grinning at each other. ‘Wow…’ He comments. ‘Wow.’ You repeat and you both laugh. He takes your hand and you both stand up. You begin to get dressed again, watching Harry watching you. He slaps your ass cheekily and you giggle again. Once you’re both dressed again and you both look less red in the face, you walk towards his bedroom door. ‘Ready to party?’ He asks. ‘Hell yes!!’ You reply, walking down the stairs slowly.

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