Justice & David

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¡¡AUTHOR'S NOTE AHEAD!! Hello Greek Addicts! I just wanted you to know that I will be contiuing (I know I spelled it wrong) this story. (Just not right now.) I was going to end it here, but I left out a character (David), and some fans think I need to add more of Apollo. So I'm signing out. Peace out Greek (Apollo) Addicts. :-D

I'm running, tripping, falling. Tree branches and leaves attack the wild mane of fire I call hair as I flee. The sounding of howls tell me trackers are in pursuit. I don't see the branch before it snares me in its deathly grip. I have to get free. I have to run. I won't let them have me. They can't have me. The howls are suddenly cut off. A shiver passes down my spine. I whirl around, trying to get free. I can't pin point the trackers' location. If I don't get free soon, I'm doomed. I hear a twig sbap to my left, so I freeze. Slowly, as if taunting me, shadows start to form outlines the outlines of men and dogs. They found me. I know what I have to do. I drop my hold on my hair and reach for the small glass stopper of silver liquid. They'll never take me alive. I am about to down it, when a hand viciously knocks it away. I gasp and meet the gaze of the man before me. He's all shadows with dripping ebony hair that frames his clear midnight eyes. I know he's a tracker. His eyes tell me so. He siezes my arms as another brings a knife to my hair. I close my eyes and wait for my hair to be cut away. Wait to be dragged back to the palace. I know their king wants me alive. It helps me if I'm willing to die. As the knife meets my hair, the man holding me is gone. I peak through my lashes, then jerk away from the knife weilding tracker. The man jerks forward to come after me, when an arrow splits his chest. He falls to the ground as a scream bubbles out of me. Someone else is fighting for me. More trackers come after me, each one meeting the same fate as the first. I want to tell then to say hi to Hades for me. I look around the clearing to find all the trackers laying discarded on the ground. Suddenly a man strides out of the shadowy background. Unlike the tracker, the man walking toward me is bright and beatiful. His golden hair cascades in brilliant waves that bring out the godly hue of his blue eyes. His features rival that of the sun's. He looks like he should be in a Greek painting. His strong build makes hin look like he could take on Zeus himself. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, he reaches me. He stretches out a hand toward my matted hair, but stops when I shy away like the frightened animal I am. He looks off into the forest and calls for someone. The name sounds familiar, but I can't place it. He calls again. "Artemis!" A woman that looks just as godly as him materializes. Her fiery locks make mine look dull as copper. She carries a bow and walks with the grace of a lioness. "She's frightened beyond belief. Would you calm her down?" His deep voice is smooth like a whisper on the wind. "I'm the goddess of the hunt and children, Apollo. How am I supposed to calm her?" I am afraid to move. If I don't, maybe they'll forget me. "Compared to us, she is a child." the man replies with a hint of irritation. The woman, Artemis, brushes it off and comes to stand beside him, both facing me. "What's your name?" I glance at them, then out at the forest. I shouldn't answer them. I need to be trying to leave, not answering stupid questions. They've got me cornered, though, so they could kill me. "Justice." They exchange a glance. Artemis looks at my hair again. "Apollo, we need Demeter. She can get her out." He sighs. "Will you call her?" Her? Who is this strange woman they want to call. Artemis disappears, blending back into darkness, leaving Apollo and me alone. Apollo stares at me the whole time. I know I must look a terrible mess, but does he have to stare? I am about to speak up when he cuts me off. "What relegion do you believe in, Justice?" My name rolls off his tongue with suprising ease. The question takes me aback, though. I give him a confused glance. "Christianity. Why?" He nods like it explains everything in the world. Soon Artemis returns with the woman, Demeter. Her long, flowing brown hair reaches her waist and curls like the path of a river. Her unearthly green eyes match the color of the grass of my homeland, but they seem haunted. She has a motherly presence surrounding her. She steps forward and gently untangles my hair from the branch. "There you go, sweetie, all better." Demeter is so nice, but I can't stay. They'll just take me back to him. I am backing away from them when I see my stopper. It still contains a small amount of liquid. Enough in it. I dive for the it, but Apollo catches me mid-dive. I struggle, but he is extremely strong. Artemis has an arrow in her bow and notched at me before I can blink. I freeze, my hand still stretched for the stopper. Demeter must notice because she follows and finds the stopper. She walks right up to me and holds the stopper up in front of my face. "What's this, Justice?" I jerk forward, despertaly trying to grip it. "Give it back! I need it! It's my only way out." Demeter brings the stopper to her nose and inhales. Her beatiful face crumples. She looks sharply at me, then stalks into my face, rage clear on her face. "What are you doing with a stopper full of posion? An assassain are we?" Oh no. She tips it over and dumps the rest on the ground. As the stream disappears, so does my hope. "No! Stop!" Apollo releashes me. I rush over to the stopper and try to find a drop, a tiny single drop. Nothing. It's completely empty. I collapse to the ground and burst into tears. My mane falls around me like a curtain. Almost instantly my tears turn to rage. He will never have me without a major fight on my part. I leap to my feet and stalk toward them. I feel something hot and boiling rising inside of me. My usually dull red hair turns to the color of flames. Words start tumbling from my mouth before I know what's happening. "The age of Gods will end if you don't find the one who spills truths. She is the key to stop Furies rule. Do not look to hard or you will never find her." I gasp as the fire with in me fades. When I glance up, they are all staring at me. They look just as shocked as I feel. Those words didn't really come from me, did they? Apollo is the first to recover. "You are a Prophet." A prophet? Does that mean mythology is real? Then it clicks. The people before me...are gods. I feel so stupid that I didn't see it before. "Oh my god. My relegion is a fraud." Demeter smiles at my wide storm colored gaze. "You finally figured it out, did you?" I nod. Right at this time my phone decides to slip out of my pocket. As it rickocates off the ground, "Jesus Take the Wheel" booms throughout the clearing. I feel my face heat up as I scramble to shut it off. I feel my frustration rise as it won't shut off, so I throw it at a tree at the edge of the clearing. "Well, somebody has anger issues." Apoll smirks. These gods are just so...words can't describe them. "Well, I only have them when people make me angry. Which is all of the time. And by the way...Bibloteca." Apollo stalks closer to me. "Did you really jst try to cuss to a god?" I gulp. "Never," then I smile, "because I didn't. Bibloteca means library in Spanish." Apollo sighs, then turns around to face his twin and Demeter. "Call Athena. She'll know what to do." Demeter and Artemis both stalk away, again leaving me alone with Apollo. They just love leaving me with him, don't they? Soon they return with Athena on tow. She is a gorgous woman with flowing raven hair that make her evening sky eyes pop. She makes Artemis see like a Catholic schoolgirl with her confindence and sass. She sashayes over to Apollo and me. With a roll of her eyes, she asks, "What is so important that I had to be summoned from Moint Olympis? And what is this mortal doing with you?" Dag. That hurt. Apollo shook his head. "She is a Prophet. And she had a very interesting prophocie," he glances at me, "Care to repeat it?" Can you say no to a god? I swallow, hard. "The age of Gods will end if you don't find the one who spills truths. She is the key to stop the Furies rule. Do not look to hard or you will never find her." When I finish, Athena is deep in thought. "Didn't you say a king was after you?" "Yes. I think he was a Fury." Athena raises a single eyebrow. "A Fury? I think I know who the girl is." We all look at her. "Who?" She looks at me with a glimmer in her eye. "You." Then she stricks with the blow of a cobra.

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