The Memories

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Jungkook punches your father again, watching the blood trickle from his mouth.

"Where would she go?" Asks Elise

"How would I know?" Hisses your father

She glances at Jungkook and he immediately punches the older man once more.

"You keep hitting me—" he spat some blood before continuing, "But I have no information! For god sakes I've been a broom for weeks!" He argues

"It's was a pool stick. Stop being dramatic." Jungkook starts

"Oh like that's better?" The older male finishes

"Enough. Both of you. We're willing to release you and your wife... just give us Ara." Elise counters

"Are you dense? Why would I give up my child?" He says annoyed

"Get the mother and put him somewhere else. I'm becoming annoyed." Elise says

"Yes ma." Jungkook says as he lifts your father from the chair he's tied to. He pulls so hard that it results in a broken arm from your father.

He screams out in pain and for a short moment Jungkook feels awful. He feels weak. But he quickly realizes it's his other side.

"Shut up whining." He hissed as he takes your father back into the basement.


You walk around the large home that has been offered to you. Felix and Seena disappeared a while ago and you didn't mind. You'd rather be by yourself anyway.

Unknowingly you enter an abandoned room. You can tell it's been cleaned but that no ones actually lived in this room for a long time.

You turn on the ceiling light—the lamp no longer sufficing as good lighting.

The room gives a dark vibe. Black sheets and comforters on the bed. Deep grey walls and mahogany accented furnishings. You sigh softly as you walk around the decent sized room.

You see a book on the edge of the desk and lift it slowly.


You open the book and immediately feel as though you're going through someone's personal things.

'Through the eyes of Elise, this is my photo diary.' You read in your mind

The first entry is a picture of a plate of food. In the distance you see two blurs of people.

You read, "Dinner for my sister, mother and I. I have to eat green beans and tofu because mother says my thighs are getting larger. I watch while they eat steak and rice. I must lose weight so that I may eat well also."

You furrow your eyebrows.

'How sad this child must of felt all the time.' You pondered

You flip the page and another photo appears, it's of Elise and Ella on a field.

"Today, while in magic class, Ella complimented me! I was so happy, she finally is starting to feel like a sister. We've been raised together for 13 years but raised differently and now, today, she acknowledged me!"

You flip a few pages more and stop when a picture of sixteen black candles are shown,

"16th birthday. Today, I've chosen. Well more like it chose me, I've succumbed to my darkness. Mother and father were so proud of Ella and now they're scared of me. As the dark cloud formed around me, their eyes shook with fear. Yes... fear me mother and father... fear me so that leaving this family will be easier."

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