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Hey my loves ❤️

I am still in vacation, I still have the next week. It's been so relaxing. I always loved summer vacation. 🌻 I hope you're all doing great. 😘

I didn't want to disappear for so many days. So I decided to make a small game and I hope that you will participate.

Just below it's the first scene of the next chapter. So I am asking all of you to do this.

After reading it, click on the comment section and write what you think it's going to happen next. You can make a dialogue between Mark and Natalie. Natalie and Amber. Derek and Natalie. Or whatever really. Or just describe it. Whatever you're more comfortable with.

I just wanted to do something more interactive so you won't be bored while waiting for me to update again. It seems like fun. I don't you, you tell me.

The scene is obviously Matalie (I've started liking Marlia as a ship name lately lol) so enjoy and I'll be waiting for your comments.

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It was around 5 am. The morning was getting dangerously close to the couple that was laid naked on the bed. White hotel sheets were covering their bodies.

There was only calm silence between them, as their breaths were slowing down after what had occurred on the same bed minutes ago for many hours.

"What are you thinking about?" Mark asked Natalie as he took a strap of her hair out of her face. He was supporting himself on his elbow, laid on the side just so he could look at her and nothing more.

Natalie on the other hand was laid on her back, looking at the ceiling, like she could find all the answers there. "What's on your mind?" He continued.

Natalie hesitated. So many things were running through her mind. So many feelings. But those minutes she spent with Mark just kept her sane for a moment. She didn't think about anything else but what was going on with her and Mark. Plain nothing. So she wanted to hold on that a little bit longer. Just a little bit.

"Nothing." So she pretended. "Nothing at all." She continued not looking at him. Like everything she needed to know was on his room's ceiling.

"You regretted it, didn't you?" Mark asked, trying to not seem faced by it. But it was not easy. That's something he wanted from the first moment he saw her. For a whole different reasons back then than now. Well, some of them were the same. Natalie was still one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen and he wanted to sleep with. But somehow along the line, she was more than that. He wasn't sure when it happened or how it happened. But it did. And he was falling quietly and slowly. But there was no turning back.

Natalie slowly turned her face to her left. She looked at him and stayed silent for a second. "No." She shook her head. "Of course not."

"Then why do you have that face?" Mark asked her.

"Because this is the first time in over a year that I feel like... A woman."

"That's why you came tonight?" Mark questioned her. "Because you wanted to feel like a woman? Because I'm only good at that, right." He got slightly offended. A little bit hurt. Mostly because he expected more. He always expected more with her. But he could never get it. Not even after they slept together.

"Not everything is so black and white Mark." Natalie exhaled and got up from the bed, wrapping the white sheet around her body. "I wouldn't sleep with anyone just so I could boost my ego. Despite the fact that I need all the boosting in the world." She let out a dry laugh.

"Then why did you come?" Mark whispered, hoping for more.

"Why do we have to talk about that?" Natalie questioned him and climbed back to bed. She sat on her knees next to Mark. She hugged the sheet around her. Mark was looking at her, not knowing what to say. He needed to express how he felt, he never held back.

Mark sat up in the bed, his face coming up just in front of hers. "Then let's not talk about that. In fact, let's not talk at all." His fingers danced from her face, down her neck, on her naked shoulder. And Natalie closed her eyes, melting at his touch.

"I'm not using you Mark." She whispered. "I needed this. I needed to feel something different." She opened her eyes again. "And it wouldn't be with anyone else but you, for whatever reason." Feeling were creeping up. Especially when Mark had always been there for some of the worst moments of the last months. He used to annoy her more than anyone. But he was also the one who comforted her when she needed someone and she only got herself.

The truth was that it was not easy for her. It was not easy to trust him. Not when the last man she let into her life has treated her like she was nothing. Like she was worthless.

She wasn't going to let Mark into her life so easy. She knew it. He knew it. But that didn't mean that they didn't want to be close to each other, even for a few moments. Like this.

"Then let me make you feel everything and nothing at once." He cupped her cheeks with his hand and kissed her lips. "You're incredible." He whispered against her lips.

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