He Catches Your Daughter With A Guy

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Harry : “What the hell is going on?!”  You hear Harry yell.  You run upstairs and see he’s standing in your daughter, Darcy’s room.  You walk in and see Darcy lying in bed with a very frightened boy.  “Darcy!”  You were shocked.  It was 8 am, he must have spent the night.  “You know you can’t have boys in your room, much less spend the night?  What the hell is wrong with you?”  Harry screamed.  Darcy’s eyes filled with tears.  “I think I’d better go.”  The boy got up to leave.  “Don’t ever show your face here again!”  Harry yelled after the the boy left the room.  “Harry, calm down.”  You told him.  “Calm down!?  Our fifteen year old daughter just had a boy spend the night!”  “I’m sorry, Dad.”  Darcy spoke up.  “You’re also grounded till your 46.”  Harry yelled again.  “Harry, go cool down.  I’m going to talk to her.”  Harry did as you told and left the room.  “He hates me.”  Darcy cried once he was gone.  “No. He’s just upset.  For one you broke the rules, but he just caught you with a guy.  No father wants to see his baby with a guy in bed.”  You explained.  “But I’m not a baby!  I want to be able to date guys and stuff.”  “I think you’re going to have to talk to your father.”  You told her.  A few minutes later you went into your bedroom to see Harry pacing back and forth.  “She thinks you hate her.”  You told him.  Harry stayed silent.  “Go talk to her.  If you’re calm enough.  Tell her why your upset.”  “Darcy?”  Harry knocked on her door.  “Yes?”  She asked.  “I’m sorry for screaming so much.  I don’t hate you, honey.  I love you.  I was just so angry with you.”  He hugged her.  “I’m sorry too, Daddy.”  “Well I guess we better have that talk now that your seeing guys and stuff,”  He started.  “Dad, no! Please.”  Darcy burried her face in her hands.  “At your age, you’re going to have a lot of urges. Teenagers are going to want to take their clothes off and touch each other. But if you do touch eachother, you will get chlamydia and die.”  Harry said sternly.  “Dad, that’s from Mean Girls.”  Darcy laughed.  “Sorry, I’m not good at this kind of stuff.  But please, Darcy, don’t touch any boys until I’m dead.  Or your grounded.  For even longer than you already are.” 

Zayn : “Where the hell is she?”  Zayn peered out the window.  “She still had ten minutes before her curfew.  Relax.”  You told him.  Your daughter, Ava, was out on her first date and do home any minute.  You patted the bed next to you signaling for him to come and sit.  He anxiously watched the clock at it turned to 11 pm.  “That’s it.  I’m going out to find her.”  He stood up.  “Zayn!  Give her a minute, she’s not officialy late yet!”  You followed Zayn down the stairs.  Zayn looked out the window beside the front door.  “She’s out there snogging the guy!  She can’t do that!”  Zayn yelled. He ran to open the door.  “Bye, Ava!”  The boy said as he quickly ran once he saw Zayn standing there looking angry.  Ava came inside.  There was a long awkward silence.  “I’m just going to go up to bed.”  She said.  “No!”  Zayn yelled.  You gave him a weird look.  “Zayn, she hasn’t done anything wrong.”  You told him.  Ava went up to bed.  “I can’t believe our daughter was properly snogging a guy.” Zayn said in shock.  “She’s growing up!”  You smiled.  “I don’t like this.”  He shook his head.  You leaned in and kissed him.  “I guess we’ll have to give her the talk now that she’s dating.”  You laughed.  “Or we can lock her in her room forever.”  Zayn smiled and kissed you.

Louis : “Grace!”  Louis yelled as the two of you walked in the house.  Your fourteen year old daughter was lying on top of a boy making out with him on the couch.  You sighed.  “Grace, you know you can’t have boys over while we’re not home!”  “I do what I want.”  She said planting a final kiss on the boy and walking up to her room.  Louis glared at the boy and he got up and left.  “She’s gotten so bratty!  She won’t follow our rules.  I’m sick of this!  What has gotten in to her?” Louis yelled.  It was the third time this week he’d caught Grace making out with a boy.  You and Louis discussed ideas of what you could do to stop her.  The next day, when Grace got back from school and typically you and Louis should be at work, you were on the couch waiting for her and her boyfriend.  “I think she’s coming.”  Louis whispered.  He climbed on top of you and you both got into a heated makeout session.  “Mum!  Dad!  STOP!”  Grace yelled.  Her face was red and the boy with her was shocked.  You and Louis continued making out.  “You’d better go.”  Grace told the boy.  “You guys are disgusting! That was so embarrassing.”  Grace screamed.  You heard the front door close and the boy had left so you and Louis stood up.  “How do you think we feel when we come home and see you snogging a boy?  No parent wants to see that!” You said.  “If you continue bringing boys over without our permission or if you continue with your attitude, you will be seeing a lot more of this.  But for now, we’re letting you off easy.  You’re grounded for a week.”  Louis smirked.   “Ugh.”  Grace sighed and went up to her room.  “That was actually fun.” You smiled at Louis.  “Mhmm.”  He said as he kissed down your neck. 

Liam : “Maddie!  Do you want-“  Liam entered your 17 year old daughters room.  “Oh my gosh!”  He quickly slammed the door shut.  You heard your daughter shriek a little bit.  “What’s going on?” You asked heading upstairs.  “I think I just walked in on Maddie having sex.”  Liam said with a mixture of fear, shock and disappointment in his eyes.  “What?!”  You asked.  “Maddie, we’re coming in!”  You yelled.  Both you and Liam enter the room just in time to see a teenage boy climbing out the window.  “Maddie, what is going on here?” You asked.  “We were just kissing and stuff.”  She said looking down with bright red cheeks.  Liam was looking to the floor as well, he was so uncomfortable.  “You aren’t supposed to have boys up here, or be naked with them!”  Liam finally spoke up.  “You were naked?!”  You asked.  “And I don’t think they were just kissing.”  Liam burried his face in his hands.  You looked to the floor and saw a condom wrapper.  “I’m sorry.”  Maddie said.  “Oh Maddie.”  Liam started to tear up.  “I hope you don’t regret this, Maddie.”  You told her.  “I really love him.  I don’t regret my decision.”  She smiled a bit.  Liam stood up and hugged her.  “I’m not happy about this, you’re still my baby girl, but if your going to have s-e-x I’m glad it’s with someone you love.”  Liam told her.  “Dad, you don’t have to spell it out.”  Maddie giggled and hugged both you and Liam.

Niall : You and Niall were out hanging out with the other boys and you all decided to head back to yours and Niall’s place.  “Hannah, we’re home!”  Niall yelled to your 14 year old daughter, assuming she was up in her room but much to your surprise she was laying on the couch kissing some boy.  They quickly pulled away and sat up.  “Hi!”  Hannah said nervously standing up and straightening her shirt and fixing her hair.  Niall looked pissed off.  You were kind of shocked, Hannah wasn’t one to break the rules and having boys over when you weren’t home was against the rules, big time.  Zayn and Liam stood there awkwardly as Louis held in a laugh because Harry was giving the boy a thumbs up.  “Harry!”  Niall yelled.  “Sorry.”  He laughed.  “Hannah, what the hell were you doing?”  Niall shouted.  “Dad, we were just-“  Hannah tried to explain but was embarrassed and quickly ran upstairs to her room.  “I’ll go talk to her.”  You said running after her.  “Um, I guess I’ll just go.”  The boy said awkwardly.  Niall glared at him as he walked to the door.  Niall and the boys all went to sit on the couch.  “I need a drink.” Niall said and grabbed a beer.  “She’s growing up.”  Liam patted his shoulder.  “I know. You never want to see your baby girl shoving her tongue down someones throat.”  Niall’s eyes got watery.  The boys all piled on to Niall to give him a big hug, they’d gotten older but hadn’t matured a bit.  You walked downstairs and saw the dog pile of One Direction.  “I grounded her for a week.”  You said.  “Should I talk to her?”  Niall asked.  “She thinks it will be too awkward if its just you and her so I’d better go with you.”  You told him.  “How about we go.”  Louis suggested.  “No!”  You laughed.  But soon all the boys were running up the stairs, Niall following behind them.  You heard a mass of clapping coming from Hannah’s room.  “Do not applaud her for that!” Niall yelled.  You couldn’t help but laugh.

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