XXIII. Gloom

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"Congratulations Jake hyung, you jinxed yourself." Sunoo said with a sarcastic pat on Jake's back.

Jake tsked at the situation he's in. He's a bit scared and wants to run as far away as possible.

"I-I'm Sim Jaeyun. What...what do you want from me???" Jake responded anxiously.

"I'm a 10th grader, and I want to join the Science club. I spoke to the person in charge of registration, and they instructed me to come to you."

"Me?? I-I mean yeah I'm part of the club, but why me?"

Sunoo rolled his eyes and sighed. He really thought his hyung would be in trouble, and what a funny situation that would have been to watch.

"I...I don't know???" Levi shook his head in confusion.

"I don't know what to tell or show you, but uhmm, I guess I can come with you. Let's go to the club room and ask."

Jake stood up from the bench and grabbed his bag.

"Hey! What about looking for Jay??" Sunghoon asked.

"We can do that later, I need to accompany this young man here."

Levi made a weirded-out face - furrowing his eyebrows while he looked at the floor, awkwardly moving his eyes.

"But we have to look for him before class starts!" Sunghoon added.

"Then you guys look for him. I've already done my part by covering up."

"Hey!" Sunoo joined the complaining

"Bye~" Jake said with a smile as he started walking along with Levi.


Breath in, breath out.


And out.

Jungwon was sitting on his bed, doing an Indian sit. He was breathing quite calmly, and he looked at ease. It looks like he's doing yoga.

Just like any other person, Jungwon wants peace while he was doing his little meditation.

The room was very quiet, that he could hear almost every small noise. Like the water dripping from the faucet into the sink, or like the sound of the radio coming from his neighbor's room.

Jungwon was in a state of tranquility.

*ding dong*

Jungwon's closed eyes flinched.

He ignored the bell. Who could stop by at this time of the day - 7 am on a Wednesday?

After a few seconds, the bell rang once again.

"Who the f..."

"Jungwon~? It's me Minji~"

Minji waited for a response. But she didn't have much time to stay longer though. She just wanted to see how Jungwon was doing before she goes to school. She tapped her foot while waiting for the door to open.

"I hope I didn't disturb his sleep..." Minji suddenly thought. She now regrets knocking on his door at such an early time.

"Maybe I should just leave this here and get going." she thought. Minji was about to leave until Jungwon opened the door.

"What are you doing here so early?" Jungwon asked. He looked at the small picnic basket on the floor right in front of his apartment door.

"Are we going to eat somewhere?" he added.

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