Sweet love~

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Yandere strawberry nightmare x male reader

Narrator's pov

Living a normal life y/n worked a 9-5 at a coffee shop while living in an apartment where both rooms beside his were always having some fun and the walls weren't very thick. Because of this he would most of the time have on headphones if he wasn't at work.

But now he's been getting messages from multiple unknown people asking him.

"Do you love me?"

He never responded and blocked all of the numbers that messaged him. Soon enough the amount of numbers that messaged him became to much and it caused his phone to crash and it didn't turn back on afterwards.

A day later when he got back from work he saw cops investigating the two rooms while another cop asked him questions. It took a few hours before he was let back into his room before flopping onto bed falling asleep the only thought running through his mind was.

(What the fuck?)

Y/n's pov

Opening my eyes to my alarm I stopped it getting up and got ready for the day. Turning on the tv to by some time I went to the news channel. It was the usual, the weather and the report of my roommates deaths which still freaked me out but not as much since I already knew.

Walking out I headed to work still trying to turn my phone back on. Getting inside it was empty besides the few regulars so I got to the other cash register. Taking orders with only a few complaints until a pink skeleton with pink tendrils walked in making me slightly confused.

They ordered a strawberry coffee and once I was done they sat down at a table. Giving the order to my co-worker I continued to work taking orders and giving them to my co-worker. Then the day ended as I closed the store before leaving back to my apartment.

Walking through the dark night I saw a pink dot in distance making a shiver go down my spine. I had a stare down with it before the dot disappeared. As confusion ran through me I continued making my way back to my apartment. Right before I could even walk into the building I was pulled into someone's hold.

"You have no idea how much I've waited for the chance to get you~" A deep voice purred as pink tendrils flailed about and around my form. Wait was this the same person from my work earlier? "Who are you?" I asked as a chuckle was all I heard before a wave of dizziness came over me.

Closing my eyes and reopening them I saw that we were in a new place. A few seconds later I was thrown onto bed as they pinned me down as I saw who they were. "I know all about you~ y/n." He said as I trembled in fear. "The name is nightmare darling~" he purred.

Trying to shove him off of me he held me down harder as mad laughter came from him. "I won't let anyone touch you,talk to you, or see you! You belong to me! And you won't think about anyone but me!" He said as an insane look coated his face. I tried wiggling myself out of his hold but a kiss stopped me.

"Mine all mine"

I hope you guys enjoyed this.
Lukielu out
Requested by both April_Gianttale and sabertooth029

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