Tour bus ~ Niall Horan

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I’d spent a week with my boyfriend Niall and the boys from One Direction on their Up All Night Tour. It was the most amazing week. Their performances were out of this world and I was so proud and thankful to be able to witness them sing their hearts out for their fans. Today was my last day with them until next month and I would really miss Niall. It was currently past midnight and we were on the tour bus driving to the next city. There’s a part of the tour bus that has five bunk beds one on top of the other and one single one all attached to the walls.  

Niall and I were currently sharing the bottom one and Liam was in the one above us.  Harry had the bottom one across from us, Zayn on the top part. Then Louis took the single one on the other wall.  

This would be my last night seeing Niall for another month and I knew he wanted to make it memorable, but what he had in mind made my jaw drop.  

Niall wanted to have sex. Right here. With all the other guys nearby. In this small bed.  

Okay I had to admit that it was a complete turn on but I was really paranoid about it.  But once Niall started kissing me I couldn’t say no. That boy worked magic with his tongue. We were getting really into it and our clothes began to come off. Niall’s mouth covered my nipple and sucked hard making me slowly start to get moist.  

I rubbed him over his boxer/briefs and he groaned softly as he bit down on my nipple.  I arched my back and almost cried out but we had to stay quiet.  

He yanked my panties off and rubbed circles on my clit, drenching me further. I began to jerk him off, only stopping to rub his pre-cum with my thumb.  Niall’s breathing came faster and I smirked at him. I loved when I had this effect on him. He smirked at me evilly and flipped me on my back. His head trailed down to my pussy and he lifted my legs so they went over his shoulders. He grabbed my thighs hardly and, without warning, his mouth opened to let his wet tongue out and he slid it up my heat, collecting all my juices. I bit down hard on my lip to keep from screaming out and put my hands in his hair. Niall groaned sexily into my pussy as he mercilessly sucked, licked, and kissed every spot. After a minute he got sloppy and was driving me absolutely mad. His fingers thrust into me and I pulled roughly on his hair which only turned him on more and made him suck my clit harder. I let out a small moan and covered my mouth quickly. 

Niall took that as a sign that he needed to stop so he slid back up my body and kissed me on the lips. I felt his erection pushing at my entrance and just before he slammed into me all the way he covered my mouth and clenched onto my hand. My eyes almost rolled to the back of my head in pleasure and I knew I was close because Niall had already built me up by eating me out. He was thrusting into me hard and deep and I lifted my leg to hook around his waist so he could go in deeper. We were both panting but my noises were muffled by Niall’s hand.

I arched my back and felt Niall nudge my G-spot three times. It almost sent me over the edge. What really did it for me was when just as Niall started getting sloppy, I turned my head and looked across at the bunks. Harry and Zayn were both watching with smoldering eyes and were panting too. I studied them for a moment and saw their hands sliding up and down their huge erections. This turned me on the most and I came hard all over Niall, my walls closing in on him and soaking him. He groaned softly in my ear as he came inside me and I saw Zayn and Harry come too, their eyes locked on me the whole time. 

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