You catch him cheating (Part two)

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Harry: You ran to the apartment elevator, not even bothering to hide your tears from the other residents inside. As the doors began to close, you heard Harry’s voice yelling your name before he materialized in front of the closed doors. The elevator began to descend, just like your tears. How could Harry cheat on you? How could he bring another girl to your apartment when all you were trying to do was surprise him and welcome him home? The doors opened at the bottom floor and you were the first one out. You exited the apartment complex to see that it was raining hard so you jumped into your car quickly. It took five times before it started up, the stupid car was always breaking down. As you sped away, you saw Harry chasing after you in the rearview mirror. The tears from your eyes and the rain on the windshield was making it hard to see. The windshield wiper was also broken so you just had to be extra cautious driving. You were going really slowly, only about 10 mph, when you saw Harry’s flashy red car catching up to you. You began to speed up just as the rain got harder. How dare he try and talk to you after what he did? You were driving so quickly and the rain was making it hard to see that you didn’t even realize the stop sign that you completely sped past. You hadn’t realized you ran a stop sign until you saw the blinding lights coming from your left side. The truck crashed into your tiny car and you felt it flip a few times before everything went black.

Niall: You were still in the bathroom crying. Has it been an hour? Two?! Your phone suddenly vibrated in your pocket. You pulled it out to see a text from Niall: “Babe, I’m so sorry. I was mad and was drinking and I never meant for this to happen. Unlock the door please. I wanna make it up to you.” Liar, you thought. You realized you couldn’t leave the bathroom without seeing Niall. Suddenly you had an idea. The window above the sink could easily be opened. You climbed up, opened the window, and pulled yourself out of the window and landed hard on the concrete, twisting your ankle. “Hey pretty lady” You heard. You looked around to see two drunk men walking towards you. You tried to stand but your ankle gave out. The men were getting closer and you didn’t want to think about what would happen if they came up to you. You let out a loud scream, but it wasn’t louder than the booming music in the club. “HELP!” You yelled as the men finally approached you.

Zayn: “Hey, come back. It is not that big of a deal. You have been so busy lately, I just wanted to have some fun!” Zayn shouted at you, following you to the back of the restaurant. “We used to have fun together Zayn!” You shouted back. “But that was before you blew off our plans every weekend. I was the only one who ever made an effort in this relationship!” You turned around, unable to look at him. “Fine, we’re done!” He yelled, throwing his drink on the ground and walking away.

Liam: “Hold on a second.” Liam shouted at you. “I can explain. It’s all a misunderstanding. I went out for a walk the other day to clear my head. I was sad because I didn’t think I was over my ex. And then she came up to me, we talked and fought a little. I realized that all my old feelings were gone. She’s the one who kissed me, not the other way around.” You laughed bitterly, “Liam, I saw the video. You didn’t seem to be pushing her away.” ‘Because I wanted to make sure that relationship was over. And now I know it is. Because the only one I wanna be with is you.” “We’ve only been together for two weeks. I think we can work out our problems. But we need to take it slow.” “I’ll do anything to be with you.

Louis: The boys all listened to your story about Louis cheating on you at the club. Niall kept his arm around you protectively the whole time. “He was drinking and wasn’t in his right mind.” Liam defended him. “No, this isn’t the first time he’s messed up after too many drinks.” Harry said. “He needs an intervention or something. He’s messing up too many good things in his life.” “Yeah,” added Niall, “he’s such an idiot to cheat on you. You deserve the world.” You hugged Niall. The boys were all making you feel better. “What’s this?!” Louis screamed, seeing you in Niall’s arms. “I should go…” You whispered to Niall. “No, stay.” He replied. “Louis is the one who needs to get out for a little.” “Let go of her!” Louis yelled walking over to Niall. Everything that happened next went really fast. Niall pushed you away, Liam ran to Louis, Louis raised his fist, Harry tried to block Niall, and then a big boom was heard, and Harry was on the ground with the image of Louis’ fist on his cheek.

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