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Chapter 1 Just a walk

The Girl

Are you one of those people that grown up in one town and are one of the most popular girl in school who have the car, the body, and the most sexiest boyfriend ever? Like the world is at your finger tips?

Then I wish I were you.

Are you actually the girl that is the geek with straight A's in every subject and dreams about living like them, RICH and popular with your geeky friends?

If yes, than you are luckier then me because, well that isn't me either. I'm far from all that.

I'm not a geek who get straight A’s either or has a lot of nerd friend because that would be better then me.

No, I'm the girl who sits in the back of the class where nobody knows your real name, (other then the ones they give you).

For me, I go by Leprechaun and Smurf apparently. Nobody cares enough to know my real name here. They like to make fun of me because of my height obviously. I'm only 5 foot! Everyone else here is about 5'5 in this town. Making me be unseen by everyone when I'm in the halls, bumping into me and falling to the ground with a hard thud all day, everyday.

I guess it’s because this is a farming town, which doesn't make sense to me that everyone is RICH! I swear I don't know how my parents found the richest farming area in the whole country and just had to live their!

It sucks being poor in a town like this. The people are such snobs because they have money. Rich people can be the worst. They think money is everything! God it makes me sick!

I'm rambling now.

Moving on.

So here's my story.

My parents move around about the country, a lot. My mom and dad are writers and say that they need "inspiration" for a story by changing the scenery every few months. Pretty ridiculous I say. Since that is the case, we’ve lived in different parts of the continent. I’ve been to ten different high schools in the last 3 years because of them. It sucks! Especially this time because no one wants to be friend with me here. Nobody wants to be friends with me because I’m poor, and I'm like an alien or something to them. We have been living here for two months and I'm still the New Girl to them. People here make me feel like I'm invisible or that I have a disease because I'm poor or because I'm plain short. Either way, it sucks.

Obviously, when you have two writers trying to make a start in the writing world, it never really makes that much money. My mom just publish one book, but it didn't take off as well as she would had hoped to, and my dad is working on his "autobiography" because he used to be a scientist but stopped because he thought he was going nowhere in life. (I know stupid) Anyways, so we picked up everything and moved. That was about ten years ago, when I was 7. But in a few months I would be 17 and be able to buy my own car. But first, I would need my license. Ya like that's going to happen right, If I could get it. My parents would always say to me “Until you have your own car, you can't get your licenses." In other words, I will never drive in their minds.

 Complete bull!

That's why I have been saving up for a few years now from the jobs I’ve had over the years. I'm close to having enough money to get my own car and be able to pay my car insurance for a few months. I definitely don't want to live here when I got my car because it obviously won’t be a luxurious car (or new for that matter), so I can’t wait to hear what my parents are going to choose next that I might actually like. I wish it could be Illinois or California, or even better, my favorite city that I dream of living in: Seattle, Washington. I have always wanted to go to the Space Needle and look at the people below on the streets as I looked down on them. Maybe I would feel like I had some power or something in my life for once.

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