Thunder and Lightning

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A summer sky filled with thunder,

Flooded streets and mumbling mobs,

 Everyone stands to watch the performance,

So many are afraid to behold,

But in their indecisive and ignorant minds,

They don’t really see what their watching,

Lighting follows as thunders screech,

And everyone looks for cover

On the desolate streets that keep flooding.

The night grows darker

And the summer sky is no different than the winter

The cold is darker,

The dark colder,

And everything stops its motion.

Then suddenly…

Thunder is heard closer than ever before,

And lighting strikes gentle but destructive,

The mob is wild with impetus of both fear and excitement.

They clap and they scream,

They laugh and cry

And cheer and hiss

More indecisive and ignorant than ever before,

As the dance continuous with its vibrant motion…

Thunder falls once more

And both terror and excitement write into the mob’s eyes,

Thunder’s reveries make its pulsating sound seem more powerful,

And the mob is afraid of the power this sound can concur.

But as lighting finally speaks,

The crowed awes in aspiration,

They see with elevation,

The grace and calming beauty that follows every thunder,

Making a balance to succumb, this curious crowd,

Into admission for a love of both,

Though only one is truly treasured

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