Annabeth woke up in the guest room of Sally and Paul's apartment. The breeze (infused with Febreze) had an intoxicating scent of passion fruit and ocean mist. Percy was sitting next to her, and he ruffled her golden hair. She sat up. "Percy, I-"

"Annabeth, don't waste your voice. You're probably drained from that scary encounter."

"Percy, I can't thank you enough for what you did. That tapestry... Percy, that tapestry was going to end my life. And our life together. You, Elise, and Leo saved my life." Percy put his arms around Annabeth and held her close, ruffling her hair. He kissed her forehead.

"I almost lost you." Percy whispered in her ear. Annabeth shed a tear in silence.

After Annabeth showered and changed into some of Sally's old clothes, Percy, Annabeth, Elise and Leo prepared to leave for Camp Half Blood. Sally drove them to the hill, where the gang thanked her and began the hike up. They were dismayed at what they found: Thalia's pine tree was shredded bark and pine needles, rain clouds thundered and showered heavily into the camp, Chiron and the counselors were heard battling in the distance, and Mr. D lay unconscious on the porch of the Big House. Percy, Annabeth and Elise unsheathed their weapons, and Leo burst into

flame, ducking under the awning to protect the fire from the rain. Elise dropped to Mr. D's side, and quickly revived him by waving a sandwich in front of his face. "Th-h-h-ank you, Elsie." he stammered. Elise rolled her eyes and helped him up. Percy grabbed him by the collar.

"Mr. D, what happened?" he demanded. Dionysus shrugged, and Percy slammed him against the porch rail.

"Peter Johnson, unhand me this instant."

"Not until you tell us what we need to know." Percy demanded. Mr. D sighed.

"Mr. Johnson, if you must know, I was playing Pinochle at the table when a stampede of monsters thundered in. The camp fought bravely, though, chasing them out." Percy sighed, let go of the wine god and raced outside, followed by Annabeth and Elise. Leo came too, with a hand saw he'd found in his tool belt. Percy found Chiron at the Sound, staring at the water, serene and out of place. Annabeth ran up to him.

"Annabeth," he said, hugging her. "I'm so glad you're safe."

"What's happened? Is anyone hurt?" Annabeth asked. Chiron sighed.

"Thirty campers seriously injured, three dead." Percy hit the post with the side of his fist. "But Percy, that's not all," Chiron continued solemnly. "They've got two of our own."

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