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Just My Imagination

"Stop it Jayson'' the 5-year-old girl laughed as her best friend tickled her. "Say sorry" The young girl had eaten all of his candy. "Ok ok I'm sorry" She laughed as he stopped. He helped her up as his mother walked into his room.

"Manda it's time to Go home Your mom is here" Amanda became sad. "Awww" Not wanting her to go home, Jayson grabbed onto his best friend holding her tight. "I don't want to go home..." Said Amanda, holding onto Jayson just as tight.


"Manda" Jayson, now 19, asked 19-year-old Amanda. "Yeah" She said while watching the movie play on her Tv. It was Jayson's birthday. "Are you still a virgin?" Amanda grabbed the remote, pausing the movie.

"Yeah why" she turned to face Jayson who was already looking her way. "Don't you ever wonder what sex feels like" He leaned in close to her, lips barely centimeters apart.

"Sometimes yeah.." Jayson bit his lip before leaning into her ear. "Wanna find out" No words were spoken as Jayson connected his lips with hers.

He pushed her down onto the bed carefully before removing his shirt.


"Oh no" Amanda gasped. Two lines appeared on the stick that sat in her hands. "My mom's gonna kill me- what about Jayson?" She panicked, pacing back and forth. She was too busy panicking to hear her bathroom door opening.

"Honey dinners ready-" her mother stopped seeing the pregnancy test, before seeing her daughter break down onto the floor beneath her. Her mother rushed to her side.

"It's okay you'll get through it.. who's the father?" her mother asked hesitantly,  not wanting to worsen the state her daughter was in. "It's Jayson" Amanda cried out, Mascara running down her face.


It's been 3 months since Amanda found out she was pregnant. She and Jayson had just graduated from high school and were out at dinner with their families.

"We did it Amanda" Jayson hugged Amanda, rocking them back and forth. The two were sitting on the curb outside of Olive Garden.

Jayson pulled away from the hug before smiling brightly at Amanda. "Alsoooo I'm qualified for the draft this year" tears welled up in her eyes as she hugged him tightly. "I'm so proud of you Jay"

She pulled away from the hug, wiping her tears, thinking to herself that now was the time. "Jayson... I have some news- BIG news"

He nodded his head towards me, signally for me to continue. "Close your eyes" Jayson grew nervous, not knowing what to expect. Amanda went into her purse and pulled out the first ultrasounds.

She placed them in his hands and moved back a little. "Open them" Jayson opened his eyes and looked at what lay in his hands. Amanda couldn't tell, but Jayson was filled with anger.

He didn't want a child. He was too young in his mind. "Say something please" Amanda tried grabbing his hand but he pulled away.

"Please tell me this is a joke" he threw the ultrasounds onto her lap standing up. Amanda stood up as well, shocked at how he was behaving. "I'm dead serious Jay"

He shook his head and chuckled looking down. "It's not mine" Amanda was hurt. "W-what" her voice cracked and tears swelled in her eyes once again. Not for a good reason this time.

"It's not mine Amanda!" he raised his voice at her. Catching the attention and some passing pedestrians. "Jayson you were my first and last!" Tears spilled out of her eyes as she looked at him angrily.

"You were probably out being the hoe or some shit like you are" no one had ever made Amanda feel the way she did now. "Fuck You Jason Tatum" she stormed inside the restaurant grabbing her purse and keys.

Ignoring the calls from her Parents, she walked out of the restaurant and drove home.


That was only the beginning of her Journey as a Single Mom.

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