34// Derek

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In a missing person case, the first forty-eight to seventy-two hours are the most critical. The longer the hours tick by, the colder the trail is becoming.

Tori has been gone for fifty-one hours and I can't find her, I can't find officer Murphy either. And Lopez was right his brother Marcus is a damn ghost.

We're running out of time, we've kicked down the door to officer's Murphy's apartment and nothing, the place is empty.

We've looked up properties in their names, their grandmother name and nothing.
The Grandmother house sold years ago, we sent officers to check it out, and a middle-aged couple lives there now, so that was another dead end.

The tracker we placed in Tori's watch as a safety net, failed royally.

Jack's army buddy that set it up, says its offline and until it comes back online, we can't track her location.

I'm slowly losing control of frustration and anger, along with fear that I have rolling inside of me.

I'm a fucking cop and I can't even find my own girlfriend, what's more frustrating is that the whole River-Cove police department is on this case and we still can't find her.

Which fuels my fear that she could be miles or even states away by now.

I had to call her dad, I had to tell her father....an Ex-cop himself that I failed to protect to his daughter, his world....a person we both love, and I failed her.

"Derek I need to know where you're head is at?....I need to know your good"

Pulling away from my thoughts of Tori and turned to face Jack.

"I'm fine....where are we with the tracker?" I ask him, ignoring his concern I don't need it, I just need to focus on finding Tori...she's all that matters.

"Still offline...Dolton can't track it yet. He reckons she's either underground somewhere or deep in the woods, which would explain why he can't track it"

"That doesn't help us Jack, can't he fucking do something?" I hissed.

"Calm down everyone is out there or doing what they can to find her. To find a lead on the Murphy's brothers....you've just got to keep the faith"

"It's been over forty- eight hours; you know the chances of finding her only get slimmer" shaking my head and rubbed my eyes.

"I know, but you can't think like that. It will just make you crazy, you've got look at it like a cop".

"I am but all we keep getting is dead end, after dead end" I yelled.

Jack looks at me for a moment but doesn't say anything for a long second.

"You need some sleep; you haven't slept in two days." Jack said.

"I'll sleep when we find her" I argued, I don't care if I'm tired, I don't care about myself right now.

"Look I can't even imagine what this is like for you, caught between being a cop and trying to find her, and being her boyfriend and thinking the worst"

Taking a breath and sighed, before sitting back in my chair feeling defeated.

"I had to call her dad...I had to tell him that his daughter was missing. I had to tell him that I failed her, that I failed to protect her not only as a cop but also as the man that loves her." I cried.

Everyone I love I fail somehow, I failed to help Tilly for years and eventually her choices killed her and now another woman who made their way into my heart I have failed again, because I couldn't keep her safe when I promised her that I would.

"You haven't failed her Derek....I know that...her dad knows that. God knows even tori wherever she is knows that, do you think she's sitting around blaming you, she was lured into a trap that no one saw coming, she's just waiting for us to find her, and we will"

"I hope so because Jack I can't make another phone call to her family. I can't make that phone call that will destroy their world.....my world I don't think I could survive that.....I need her....;" I cut of and rubbed the water from my eyes.

"When she came into my life it was like I woke up again, she is this fresh air. She lights up a room, I didn't know you could feel so much for another person who was new to you, but I did for her and now I breathe for her and..." I broke off, not allowing myself to think of life where she isn't in it anymore, that's not by her own choice. I can't think like that because if I do, I'll lose it.

"You won't have to make that call....you won't have to face a world where we don't find her, don't give up, Tori needs every ounces of your willpower right now, it's what's going to find her"

"I'm hope your right Jack...I really do" I sighed sadly and shook my head.

Ending the conversation silently, what else is there to say? We have to find her....but I don't know how.

Tori is everything.....she has become my world, my reason for breathing again. I realised that until she came into my life, I was just existing, I was just living the best I could for my daughter, I wasn't living for myself, just for Daisy.

But then a punch to the face by a beautiful fiery angel knocked me on my ass, in more ways than one, it's like I woke up for the first time in a long time.

I felt things that I haven't for years but only hundred times stronger and all because of one woman, who I'm certain is the love of my life.

I need her...

I love her....

I ned to find her...

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