Chapter 1

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Summer of 2021: Present

"Woah!" Jihoon scares Haruto, who is busy with his phone.

A loud high note scream echoed in his room, thanks to Jihoon who burst into laughter upon hearing his little brother startled.

"Ah... Hyung!" Haruto singsongs his whine. He should be used to this trick from Jihoon now, but even his own brother can't still dodge this cheeky man.

"You didn't even hear me come into the house. What if a robber broke in? Aigoo." Jihoon messes with Haruto's hair while the younger's focus is still glued on his phone screen.

"This is basically your second home. Look at the housekeepers letting you in."

Jihoon just smiles and shakes his head. Well, that's basically true.

"So, did you confirm his schedule?" The older one inquired.

"Hyung, didn't he give you his schedule already? I'm sure he'll free his schedule." Haruto answered without looking at Jihoon.

"I know. I'm just worried he might have a sudden appointment. You know how unpredictable your brother's schedule is." Jihoon almost pouts but he just sits beside Haruto, waiting for the younger to finish his game.

"He knows how special this event is for you and me both. He will make time, Hyung."

"You seemed so relaxed for someone doing his first art exhibition. Yah... that confidence of yours." Jihoon pointed out jeering at the sight of Haruto leisurely just playing on his phone despite his art exhibit being held in just less than 2 months.

"I'm Haruto, Hyung. Watanabe?!" Haruto cheered out loud without breaking his gaze from his phone screen waiting for Jihoon's response which came almost immediately.

"Haruto!" The older one hailed. He shook his head and beamed at his little brother. When he realized Haruto was still so immersed in his device, he devilishly smiled and gave the younger one an armlock to mess with him.

"Ah! Hyung!" He struggled a bit, but Jihoon released him immediately, making him lose the game. "Argh! I came in last."

Haruto is playing Kart Rider.

"You're too old to play that! You, cyborg!" Jihoon teases him.

"Hyung, there's never an age for fun! Okay, you have my attention." Haruto said in his deep tone voice while smiling and put away his phone.

He didn't notice it at first, but the orange sweatshirt Jihoon was wearing made him laugh.

"Orange is not for everyone, but you actually look good in that color." His voice was almost teasing, but what he said is true.

Jihoon is wearing an orange sweatshirt and a black comfy loose pants. He looks at his shirt which has a dominant blue color – though a different shade, still, the similarity of the two colors beside each other brings him nostalgia. The sight is rather familiar to Haruto, like he is seeing it again from a different person, on a different time. The sudden melancholy brings a little sting in his chest which he instantly masks with his teasing.

"Come on. You know I look good in every color." Jihoon winks at him.

"Oh-hooo! I agree. You're surpassing my confidence now, Hyung. I'll give you that."

"This is what I have become after hanging around with both of you." Jihoon defended with his cute chuckle.

Haruto fishes out his phone from his pocket again before speaking. "Let's take a photo, Hyung."

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