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 Due to the fact that I woke up late again I was desperately rushing to get ready for school. Why was I not woken up by my parents, you ask? Well my mother passed away when I was a child. My father remarried and is always away on Bussiness with his new wife who I don't really like. I heard my phone ringing  I went to pick it up and tripped over a shoe. 

"Hello?"  I answered without looking at the Caller I.D knowning it was one of my three best friends.

"Amber, hurry up! It's our first day of school, and you’re already running late?" James said through the phone.  

"Okay I'm sorry. Hey James, are you guys already outside my house?" I said lacing up my black high-top Converse.

  "Only 'cause you’re a girl and you take forever-- hurry up! You have ten minutes to get out here, or we're ditching you." James threatened. I immediately grabbed my black jacket raced down the stairs  and was out the door, grabbing my long black curly hair into a ponytail.

  "Amber, you forgot your backpack again!" Chase yelled out the car window 

"Shit!" I ran back inside to get it and grabbed my Ipod the I dropped on my front porch . Coming back to Chase's Ferrari, I sat in the backseat next to Kyle.  

"Now we have five minutes. You’re lucky we didn't leave you," James scratched the back of his neck   

"Oh shut up. Like you would've ditched me." I grinned.  I looked out the window at the shops that were passing by 

"Only because we've known you for about three years. You’re the only exception," Chase looked at me through the rear view mirror.  

“Guys, chill. It's only our Sophomore   year,' I smiled   Chase found a parking space, and we all ran to our classes. Chase and James have geometry together, Kyle has Spanish, and I got stuck with P.E.  

"Bye Amber!" all three of them yelled. I barely made it to class on time. I got to the black doors of the gym I pulled on the handle to see all the students lined up against the gym wall listening to the P.E teacher I walked inside as quietly but gave myself away with every step I took it echoed in the gym.

  "Thank you for joining us. Now go and stand with everyone else," the coach pointed to the wall and I went to stand next to this really tall guy. Well, he's not that tall; I'm only 5'2” almost everyone is taller than me.  

"Hi, I'm Jeff," he looked down at me.  

"I'm Amber, nice to meet you," I smiled. He was about 5'7, with brown shaggy hair that fell over his green eyes. He kept shaking it to the side  

"Did you hear that over the summer the school built an inside door pool?" he motioned to the glass doors to our right  

"Really? Good thing I took swimming lessons last summer," I saw his eyes twinkle as he was talking to me. I also noticed that he had a tongue piercing and a silver hoop on his nose. The only piercing I have is my belly button. I was actually considering on getting my lip done, but I was too chicken shit to do it.

  "What do you have for second block?" Jeff asked making small talk.  i looked my the P.E teacher who was yelling at the freshmen.

"World history, room 349. And you?" I leaned against the wall and looked up at the dangling lights hanging from the high ceiling 

“Math; Geometry 401," we tuned out the teacher throughout the rest of the block, like everybody else was. 

"You will get your P.E uniforms tomorrow,” and with that, the bell rang.  

“See you later Amber," Jeff passed me. I went to my locker to drop off my backpack and took out my pencil. On my way to my class, I bumped into an annoying blonde with purple streaks in her hair.  

"Watch it moron," she shirked. I turned around and saw that the girl was , Hayley who  walk up to Kyle. I went to the second level of the school bulding and found my class.  

"You can sit anywhere, but I'm going to assign seats," the teacher instructed.   Five minutes later Mr. Steel assigned seats. I sat next to Kyle and in front of us was Hayley. Mr. Steel handed out a word search to do with our partners.Since I was assgined the seat next to the window that what I looked as we waited for the paper. I tuned out Kyle who was talking about Hayley when he was interruppted by Mr.Steel when he handed me the word search.

  “Hey Kyle, do you have a highlighter I can borrow?" I started to wave my hand in his face.  

"Come on, we need to finish this," I saw him staring at Hayley lost in thought.  

"Can you stop that it's just a word search," he grabbed my hand in mid air and pushed it back down on the desk. I felt the heat climbing to my face; he's being a jerk. I've known him for three years now, and he's changed his appearance. He's 6'2 with black hair that it comes down the right side of his face into his gray eyes and snake bites. As he changed his appearance, he also changed his attitude towards me.  

"Hey Amber, we have ten minutes to finish this," he now said to me. I just ignored him. When the bell rang, I walked out the door trying to make it towards the stairs  leaving him behind.  

"Hey, Amber wait up!" he yelled. Him being 6'2” versus my 5'2", he caught me by the arm pretty fast,

"Hey, what's wrong?" he moved my hair out of my electric blue eyes with his hand.  

"You’re asking me what's wrong?! You're being a complete jerk, and you expect me to be all happy about it?" I hissed.

  "Amber, just tell me what I did wrong. I'm sorry," he looked at me. I managed to pull myself free from his grasp and walk away. On my way to the café, I bumped into James and Chase.  

Chase is 6'1 with blonde hair that comes down on both sides of his face and falls over his turquoise eyes (contacts), and he has a silver hoop in the middle of his lip.  

"Hey, what's wrong?" James asked, worried.

  James is also 6'1". He has no piercings, but has a tattoo of a snake starting on his shoulder and wrapping itself around his bicep. He has copper colored hair and navy blue eyes.  

“Nothing," I walked off. I went to get my lunch, but I wasn't even hungry. Looking up, I saw Jeff wave at me. I waved back and went outside to a lonely bench and table surrounded by trees. A few minutes later I saw James, Chase, and Kyle coming my way.


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