In His Eyes (4) **Naruto Fanfiction*

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Warning: pessimistic!Naruto, sick!Iruka, OOC-ness.

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Chapter 4

            I sat through the rest of my classes, dead to the world. I only talked to my friends when talked to, and the same goes for the teachers. They seemed to hate me too, as they kept picking me to do the hardest things that I couldn't be expected to know the answer to.

            The constant teasing in class and in the hallways didn't help either.

            During my math class I had gotten a note on my desk that said, 'Oh no. The Uchiha broke up with you. Good. Fucking serves you right, faggot. Go die in a ditch somewhere, no one loves you.' I hadn't been able to bring it up to any of my friends, and I couldn't recognize the handwriting. I kept getting notes like that in every class, though. They all came from different people, though I couldn't pinpoint any.

            The usual teasing had bumped up a good amount now because of the incident in the cafeteria.

            What felt like years later, the day had finally ended. I was giving Sakura, Ino, and Hinata all hugs before I left. I slowly walked home that day, wanting to just lay down, curl up, die, and never get up again.

            I wasn't going to school tomorrow. I wasn't going to be able to do it. I'd have to go for the next two and a half weeks after that though.

            Not really looking forward to that.

            I climbed up the two flights of stairs to our apartment, and quietly opened the door, trying not to wake Iruka if he was sleeping. I threw my bag onto the couch, and walked across the living room/kitchen area, to the only hallway of the house. Our apartment was medium sized, with the kitchen and the living room connected, with a little table in between the areas to serve as a dining room. There was one hallway, with three doors, the first one was the bathroom, the second one was my room, and the one at the end of the hall was Iruka's room.

            I quietly opened up his door, peeking in. I saw my loving guardian lying down on his bed, messing around on his laptop. He was quite the attractive person, actually. He had brown hair up in a pony tail that liked to stick up everywhere, much like Shikamaru's did. He had tan skin, chocolate brown eyes, and a peculiar scar across his nose that actually only added to the attractiveness, instead of taking away from it. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and some shorts, Kleenex beside him.

            My smile faded though when I was reminded of my day. I didn't want to burden Iruka with that, though, so I just asked him if he wanted anything at the store.

            His head snapped up, and when he saw the state I was in he frowned deeply. He closed his silver laptop and put it over on the nightstand, patting the space next to him for me to sit.

            I went over and sat on the edge, looking away from him. After a few minutes of silence, I caved.

            "He broke up with me today, Iruka." My eyes watered a little bit. God, I was such a mess it wasn't even funny. I felt him sit up, and place his hand on my shoulder. He couldn't talk at the moment, having lost his voice, but I knew what he was trying to say.

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