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"He is my Dad"
These words are still ringing in my ears as fresh as it was a few hours ago. I don't know why but I felt there was an underlined sadness that laced his voice, because being the son of Reyaansh Srivastav I now knew why he has to be hidden behind a mask all the times.
Back to our way, Sanchi was the one to speak nonstop and for the first time I didn't thought of replying her back. Aahnik was still sleeping peacefully in my arms after being tired from all the fun and Sanchi being fed up of me retired to the room as she has an important interview tomorrow.

Hello, I answered the phone which was ringing from past few minutes without actually bothering about checking who it was.

Dhanyawad Rab da, phone ta chakiya tu, Kithe gayab si Tu Sanu, kaddo da call laga rahe se asi tenu, idda di bhi kedi busy hai tu, ik message nhi hunda tere toh,
(Thank God! Atleast you picked up the call, where were you busy Sanu, We have been calling you from so long, can't you even leave a message behind), shouted Nidhi as soon as I picked it up.

Nidhi, I sighed checking my phone only to find 15 Missed calls from both Nidhi and Ashu and around 10 messages all unseen though.

Kya Nidhi, iss baar teri ik gal nhi sunni mainu, idda hi karna hai te das de ek vaari ch, Aunty nu Call karke lukan chupi da kissa hi khatam karungi hun, idda bhi bade pareshaan hai oh tere vaste,
(What Nidhi, if you have to do this always, tell me at once, I will call your Mother and finish this whole episode of hide and seek, already they are so worried for you), she said tired.

Nidhi don't even bring them in between us, you know you won't be able to find me ever again then, I semi yelled not wanting to disturb Aahnik.

Sana yahi toh kar rahi hai na tu kab se, actually running away from your own parents, your friends who were your family once, kab tak yaar she screamed but I heard Ashu overtaking the phone, I was so frustrated right now with all the things happening around, firstly me feeling strange when Sidharth is around, next I can't even maintain a distance from him, I don't even no why was I shouting on Nidhi, I haven't even seen my parents from last many years then how could I even doubt if they missed me or not , I went out so that I don't disturb Aahnik.

Shehnaaz line par ho, he asked calmly.

Yeah, I sighed.

Kya hua hai Sanu, you were never this right, itna gussa he asked and I could feel his concern, but only I know how was this all for me.

Kuch nhi Ashu, I know meri galti hai that I didn't picked up the phone and all that but she needs to understand Ashu she can't be dragging Mom in us, I stated my point.

Baba pareshaan thi voh, nhi karti hai aise gussa voh jaanti toh hai tu, he said softly and I heard Nidhi sniffing slowly behind.


Nidhi ko call de, I spoke.
Abhi rehne de, he started stating but I cut him off.
Phone de baba, abhi mood main nhi hoon yaar, I said tired of everything around me.

Kya hai ab, she creamed but I knew how to manofy her.
Nidhi sorry na baby, tu Mom ko le aayi Humare beech isliye gussa aa gaya, maan ja na baby I said extra sweetly.

I know tu abhi voh badi badi aankhen kar ke dikha rahi hogi par baby koi nhi hai vahan tujhe dekhne ke liye, she said and I felt myself smile hearing her.

Nidhi Abhi Mumbai aayegi na I will tell you something very important, I know bahut lamba suspense hai but maan jaa na baby, I promise nhi karungi aage se aisa, time par phone uthaungi shayad ring jaane se pehle hi, I said not really thinking anything

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