Chapter 24

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Warning: You're still romanticizing in this day and age? Ugh, abolish the gay.


"Keep both hands on the knife. If one lets go, it means you're asking to get fúcked."

"Why would I want to get fúcked by you—!"

In order to torment him more, Ryūji shoves his two fingers in Seraphine's mouth, expecting him to make a cut on him or something. But no, Seraphine closes his eyes, waiting for whatever movement the fingers are gonna do against his tongue. Ryūji stares at his submissive face, at the mercy of the Prince despite having the weapon. Both hands are still on it though, tight.

By the time drool drips down the base of his fingers and onto his palm, Ryūji shoves them inside Seraphine's entrance without breaking eye contact. Seraphine did though, his eyes rolls back and closes to sync with his moan. The Prince wants to see this beautiful vampire's reaction, he wants to knock Sera off his high horse, that's why he torments him.

"Ryūji! Wait...!" Seraphine's eyes beg as his voice does its best to keep quiet. But, Ryūji was bullying his sensitive bud down there and he can't help but put his arms around the Prince's neck for support. The knife is now behind Ryūji's head. "No... don't... someone will see....!"

"Use the knife, you coward," Ryūji whispers against his face. However, Seraphine was focused on grinding his hips against those two fingers, his walls gripping them tight because it's not as pleasurable as a real, thick díck. Shamefully, Seraphine desires that fully stuffed sensation. "Hmm, what's this? Is the slút turned on?"

Seraphine presses the tip of the knife against his nape. "I'll cut off a finger."

"To use it by yourself? Why not my díck instead?" Ryūji smirks. Seraphine glares at him, before using one hand to take the Prince by the neck and forcefully kiss him.

"I don't want to do all the work without a huge àsshole like you attached to the díck."

Seraphine had let go of the knife, meaning he lost. He doesn't seem to mind as Ryūji harshly turns him around and slams him against the counter, pulling his naked àss against the Prince's crotch. "You asked for it."

"I'll just kill you after this," Seraphine moans as Ryūji shoves himself inside him, all while holding the knife. It's happening again... Oh gods, why does this feel so heavenly... Ryūji's díck... inside me...!

Seraphine covers his mouth but Ryūji pulls it off and pins it against his back, still mercilessly railing the poor vampire. "Come on, let them hear how much you love my díck Seraphine, don't be shy now."

"Ugh, I hate you!"

"Should've used the knife when you can." Ryūji pulls out of him just to turn him around, so he can more clearly look at Seraphine's suffering. But, what he saw was a lustful look even though he's scowling, the two standing close with Seraphine's knife behind the Prince's neck. Ryūji wants to see him squirm more so he rubs their dícks together, inflaming the arousal in both of them.

"You actually like this?" Ryūji teases him.

Seraphine replied by pushing the tip of the knife against Ryūji's neck, forcing him to lean forward until he meets Seraphine's hungry lips filled with the sounds of satisfaction. Upon pulling away he answers, "I'm just using you to get myself off."

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