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If you are one of those people who is quarantined either working from home or studying online and you have trouble getting used to the new routine, here we show you 15 easy, simple and delicious recipes to prepare eggs so you can have breakfast in shape and start the day with all the energy or for you to add a powerful protein to your meals in the afternoon.Reviewed by the STEP BY STEP1Mexican Scrambled Egg:

This is a breakfast classic and it's actually pretty quick to make. You just have to add a mixture of tomato, onion and chili when frying it and you will have the best flavor combination. It is ideal to start the day!

2Egg Benedictine Sandwich:

Eggs Benedict have become very popular lately, but here is an innovative way to eat them. Just place them on a non-stick plastic cup, break an egg and tie a knot. Then, in a pot over medium heat heat the water and place the egg for 3 minutes. When done, cut a bagel in half and place the egg in the middle.

3Scrambled eggs with beans and chorizo:

Flip over the usual scrambled eggs with a rich combination of beans and chorizo ​​on a base of corn tortillas, all fried in the same pan so you don't over wash.

4 Egg white

omelette with vegetables: If you want to avoid fat, this egg white omelette with vegetables will be a lighter breakfast but full of the nutrients you need to start the day full of flavor and energy. It is enough to beat egg whites with cream and add pumpkin, red and yellow peppers, broccoli and onion, season with salt and pepper and fry in a frying pan with little oil.

5 Homemade ranch eggs:

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