I soon got interrupted from my thoughts with the sound of mattheo's voice "Oh, well I'm sorry and I actually wish you came back to the dorm" he said, with a small smile, I smiled back.

"I'm going with my brother and my friends, want to come" i asked him standing up, "let's go" he said, he stood up and walked with me over to them.

"Eww look it's Mattheo" Draco said with a disgusted face.
I guess he found out.
"You guys told him" I whispered to blaire and aurora.
"Sorry, he asked what happened to you and why you were more moody then usual" blaire said.

I always think about killing my brother.
He is a total idiot.

"It's fine Draco" I said to Draco who was still giving a death stare at Mattheo.
"NO it's not fine y/n it's the opposite of fine, you are supposed to marry my sister and have a kid with her but you thought oh i want to have sex with Astoria or whatever you where thinking is stupid, your stupid" Draco technically yelled in his face.

Mattheo looked unfazed about what draco just said.
He turned his head to me and was about to say something until Lorenzo and Theodore came over to our table.
They sat in between us and started to grab food, putting it on there plates.
It was so silent, none of us where talking.

I looked at Mattheo who turned to me, he stood up and grabbed my arm making me stand up.

We started to walk out the hall but before we can fully leave I hear Draco yell "you better not do anything to her"

God I hate him, I'm so happy that there isn't professors here right now.

We made it out of the great hall and started to walk down a couple of corridors.

"Mattheo we're are we going" I asked him.
He didn't respond, so i thought maybe we will go to our dorm.
We soon made it to the astronomy tower.

"Mattheo what are we doing up here" I asked.

"I'm sorry about everything, I want a future with you and children I don't see myself with Astoria or anyone else I want you, I know this isn't the best way to do it but" he pause, searching for something in his pocket, he got out a little black box and went down in one knee "y/n malfoy, will you make me the happiest person on earth and marry me" as soon as those words slip from his mouth, I went over and kissed him.

I chuckled to the kiss before my arms locked around his neck, tugging his hair gently.
"Mattheo" I moaned as he went down to my neck "yes, darling" he whispered his mouth getting closer and closer to my neck already covered in small bruises.
I leaned my head to the side to give him more space and moaned to the contact of his lips on my skin.

He pecked a few times on my collarbone before giving open mouthed kiss on the right side of my neck, his tongue licking everywhere and his teeth leaving even more bluish marks. It felt so good, too good.

My hand went in his brown hair and tugged hardly on the root making Mattheo growl and bitting me harder on the neck "god you make me so crazy for you y/n" he said.

Then, the need to be closer to him came forward and my mind went blank. My body and neediness had now full control of my movement and thoughts. It's like as if his touch were a drug for me it made me forget everything.

I pulled myself closer to him and moan at the contact of his already hard member against my pelvis.

"Oh my god, seriously" I hear Draco's voice, me and Mattheo pull away looking at all our friends who looked at us shocked.
"What is going on here" I hear blaire say, I looked at her to see her with a confused face.

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