Chapter Two

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Sunday, Kara and Clark were watching Beauty and the Beast when his Superman communicator went off and Batman's face filled the screen. "J'ohn needs us on the Watchtower." "What do I do with Kara?" "Might as well bring he with you. J'ohn said it wasn't for a mission. I'll bring Dick." Wow. "Okay." Clark quickly dressed as Superman and clicked off the TV. "Want to meet some if my friends?" He asked Kara. She nodded and leapt from the back of the couch into his arms. "Jeez, has Dick been giving you gymnastic lessons?" She nodded and again and hugged her blanket. He pressed the button on the link in his ear. "J'ohn, pickup for two please."

Clark and Kara teleported onto the Watchtower and were greeted by the usual sight. Flash was zipping around Green Lantern and Hawkgirl, who were trying to have conversation. J'ohn was meditating or thinking, it was hard to tell with him and Wonder Woman was trying to talk to Batman. Superman could tell by the slight movement in his cape that Dick was hiding. Flash stopped running to pause mid step and goggle at Kara. "Wow! Who's this?" He made a face at Kara and she giggled. Hawkgirl and GL made their way over as well and J'ohn turned around from the computer. "Batman and I found another survivor of Krypton and I adopted her yesterday. Officially, I mean. Her name's Kara." "Hi." Kara spoke, her voice tiny and warm. "Hiya!" Flash started to run around again. Superman walked over to J'ohn and peered at the computer. "What are we looking at?" "A new strain of Kryptonite was found partially buried in the Himalayas. I did not recognize it and I thought you or Batman would be able to identify it." Kara started to wiggle around so Clark set her on her feet. Batman was still half talking to Diana and as soon as Kara touched the floor, Dick ran out from under Batman's cape and toward his friend. "I wondered when he would stop hiding." GL mused as he watched the toddlers run around each other. Dick turned a perfect cartwheel and Kara tripped over her blanket. "Hmpf." She pouted as she sat in a heap on the ground. Dick laughed as he pulled Kara up and continued to chase her. "Hey Supes, does Kara have your powers?" Flash started to chase both kids around. "We don't know. She's wearing a red sun bracelet right now." As Batman, Superman and J'ohn talked, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern decided to spar in the training room and Diana played with Flash and the kids. An alarm interrupted their game of freeze tag (which neither Kara not Diana fully understood) and Kara hugged Diana before she left the common room. "Lex Luthor, Toyman, Cheetah and Killer Frost are chasing mayhem in downtown Metropolis. I will teleport Kara and Richard after you all leave." "Teleport em to my apartment." Superman kissed the top of Kara's head before following the others through the teleporter. "What's your name?" Kara asked J'ohn. "J'ohn J'onzz, little one." "Are you from Mars?" The Martian looked at her in surprise. "Yes. How did you know that?" Kara scrunched her face up. "I don't know. I just did."

J'ohn left both kids in front of the TV in Superman's apartment and left to join the fight. How did Kara know I am a Martian? Superman said she lost all her memories. He pondered this as he leapt on Killer Frost's back and wrestled the ice gun from her. "Where did Luthor go?" Flash yelled. "I mean, how do you lose a guy as ugly as him?" The scarlet speedster was right; the millionaire was nowhere to be found.

When the villains had been packed away and the street had been cleaned up, Superman and Batman flew and/or grappled their way back to the former's apartment. "Kara! Dick!" Clark undid his cape and tossed it over the back of the couch. "Kara? Dick? Where are you?" He walked into Kara's room expecting to find a fort or a huge mess. It was empty, Kara's pajamas strewn on her bed. "Are they in there?" Bruce called. "No! They're gone!" Clark ran back to Bruce with a panicked look on his face. "That's were Luthor must have gone. Call the Watchtower and see if J'ohn can track them." Bruce was doing his hardest to keep his voice level but his mind was in a flurry. His son, his only son and Kara, the newfound alien and his friend's daughter. Two tiny children already caught in their parents war. "J'ohn said he found them in a old LexCorp warehouse on the other side of Metropolis. They'll meet us there."

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