Chapter 22: Reunions And Flowers

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You walked along the holes, placing your hand on the smooth walls as you paced through the silent halls.

Having remembered the letter you got from Sanemi, you were pleasantly surprised that it was none other than Aoi who had invited you here. Apparently Zenitsu was already, reluctantly, going on missions whilst Inosuke and Tanjiro's conditions remained unknown.

You managed to catch a glimpse of the lil' thunder cracker but he was in too much of a panic to notice you so you just headed off.

Counting as you walked, you heard glass shatter and rushed towards the scene.

A small glance with your soul-seeking and you were relieved to see no ill intent found. Knocking on the wooden door, the raven-haired girl turned her head towards you, her eyes full of gleaming happiness. You stared at the tired red eyes of your companion and gave him a wave.

"Took you long enough."

Castella was spilt onto your clothes all of a sudden.


After being utterly scolded by Gotou and having an emotional reunion, you pat Aoi who was sobbing in your arms. Despite having Tanjiro's reassurance, the poor girl kept bawling.

What a kind soul.

At one point, you interrupted their conversation to confirm your suspicions. "Sorry for interrupting but how is Inosuke right now?"

Tanjiro nodded, seemingly about to ask the same question. Aoi let out a few sniffles before answering you, " Inosuke-san was in terrible condition. The poison had circulated through his body so we were too late to stop the bleeding..."

Worry flooded your whole being and you clenched your fist tightly. If only you were stronger. Glancing towards Tanjiro, you half expected him to have a worried stricken face but all you were met with was confusion.

"Oh.. okay.."

"Then I must be hallucinating Inosuke clinging to the ceiling there.."

Silence fell onto the room.



Indeed as he stated, everyone saw the boar head clinging onto the ceiling. Eerily silent must I say.




"WAHAHAAA!! I'M IMPRESSED YOU NOTICED ME TANPANCHIROU!!" He yelled, pride puffing out of his chest.

"Well I am lying face up..."

The dumbass jumped down onto Tanjiro's bed, concerning you. "Hey Inosuke! Don't stand there, Tanjiro needs his rest!" Your scolding left the boar head to face you, smoke coming out of his nostrils.

Until his annoyingly loud laughter sounded.

"Y/N!!" He launched himself into the air and pounced into your direction, catching you off-guard.

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